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Glocalized Marketing :Nike in Mexico and China

A small portion of the glocal strategies used by Nike the world over:In Mexico, Nike strongly associates with the National Sports of the country – Soccer. The endorsers are the local players and Advertising is centered on Soccer itself. Here is a sample of an ambient lately carried out in Mexico. Advertising taken to the streets, literally! [Source: Coloribus] Even this campaign piggybacks on showing associating the soccer ball with Nike Shoes! On the other…

Tradition Marketing: Fantasy Coffins from Ghana

A unique and interesting element of the coastal Ghana communities, that has been present for generations in this part of the world is the concept of Fantasy Coffins. Meticulously detailed and based on objects of significance to the deceased, such coffins are an important aspect of the burial ritual. According to Arts on the point, this art form is practiced particularly by the Ga community in Ghana. And what do these coffins depict? They reflect…

New Medium of Advertising: Fieldvertising in Germany

It is no longer an exaggeration when one reads that Advertisers are trying to capitalize on every space to capture the minds of the consumers…well, most of them have taken this advice too literally! Nonetheless, creative juices continue to flow around the globe. Earlier I had talked about how the human anatomy was being tapped to buy Advertising space. That was just one aspect of this developing phenomenon. Recently, I read about this new concept…

Vicks Adver-game: Diary defender by First Defence..

A new advergame has been launched for First Defence, a nasal spray that fights colds at the early signs. Taking cues from the old classic spaceship/detroyer game, the game has been conceptualized on the basic characteristics of the nasal spray from Vicks. Every element in this game has been well thought of, and excellently executed. Be it First Defence Bonuses or killing of the germ-looking enemies by trapping them in the microgel, the game is…

Kids Marketing in China: Tiger Brands

I recently read about a unique tradition in China, which could be leveraged by the Marketing community in this region – tiger products for young children!According to a research paper on Chinese culture, the villagers used to make children less than one year old wear tiger hats, clothes, and shoes. Reasons? A tiger suit is considered good for health and luck and because they believed it can keep mosquitoes and evil away from the child….

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