My Paper on “Restructuring of Indian Firms for catering to Emerging Markets” recently got published on Brand Channel.

Based on Corporate strategy, the paper talks about the strategy that Indian firms need to adopt in the changing business environment and the evolving dynamics of the Indian Markets.

Traditionally, the Indian businesses have been family-run businesses and conglomerates. They established the backbone of Indian business and have been the face of India Inc. in the Corporate World.

But with modern avenues to exercise, along with globalization, privatization and liberalization – the very definition of conglomerate needs to be redefined.

The global markets emphasize value adds, innovation, flexibility, excellence and customized products and services. The big question is whether the conglomerates should diversify into strengthening their internal functions or take a focused approach to establish and consolidate their markets.

In the published paper, we (I along with my colleague Saurabh) attempt to discuss the governing forces behind the decisions, an assessment of the decisions, and an orientation for the future. Looking ahead, we discuss the strategies Indian companies must employ if they decide to focus on core competencies.

Thanks Saurabh for the great effort!

The paper is available in the paper section of Brand Channel and the complete version (pdf version) can be downloaded from here.

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