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EPICA-Awards hosts some of the best ads globally. I had earlier talked about Gandhi Ads (Telecom) and then Les Echos(Media). This time, I found some really fine pieces of Ads – the best of the Finalists in the Epica Awards 2004 under the Public Interest Category. Here are my favorite 3 from the film sub-category –
[Click each of them to view the Ads]
The first one is for the Home for the Blind, Zurich. With a background score of “I just called to say I love you” by Stevie Wonder, the Ad features blind old men and women attempting to sing the song in their own tunes and styles in a recording studio. Wonderfully shot, the Ad ends with the caption “Not everyone who’s blind can earn millions singing. Thank you for your donation. Home for the Blind, Zurich.

Next, we have a unique message and a definite learning (at leaste for me!). A young boy roams around the streets whiling away his time, gazing at things around him and doing nothing, possibly homeless and without anyone to support him. In his quest for something interesting, he finds a newspaper with French fries in it. Surprisingly, instead of French fries, he is more keen on the cartoon page and smiles on finding it.
Caption: “Today in France , one million children are also starving for culture”.
Great work!
Finally, a funny piece and a brilliant creative to send the message across – classic style!
Picture a Classic oldie – with the hero fighting his way out to rescue his princess, putting up a strong fight, standing strong in a lone battle against….yet, unable to leave his mark…since he can’t write!
Might sound kiddish, but wait till you see the execution of the Ad. Wonderful concept!
Caption: “Illiteracy is a bigger problem than you think.

The rest of the Ads in the Print and the Film category can found at this link.

Must say, this is really excellent work. I just couldn’t stop myself in appreciating it. Deservingly finalists – each one of them!

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