Customized products for Valentine’s Day have already started floating in the market. And this is one occasion, where the price tag is often ignored, at least when it comes to butterflying. So, for those who are looking for pertinent offerings, here is one such Valentines Special product – Cell Catch Bracelets.

Offered at, CellCatch bracelets offer a support system for hanging your cell phones to your bracelets. The bracelets are absolutely unique, are made out of pearl and of course, expensive!
How does this work? Simple. The cell phone can be attached to CellCatch. It is adjustable and one can wear it as a bracelet on those days you want to leave your cell phone at home.
The cost is immaterial, be it $45 or $95. What is more relevant is what she would wear on that day and what suits her the most – “wood with an iridescent sheen”, “funky green turquoise stones” or “oval faceted sunstone”…

Tough decision indeed!
I am not sure how Trendy it is, and how much receptive would the luxury” ladies be to this offering, at least in India. How much can the bracelet be relied upon, for holding cell phones?
But then, logic sometimes does not work, right? At least not for the next one month, when the Romeos would be surfing the net for the best and most “attractive” offerings for the special day…

So, What’s next? CellCatch Earrings? 😉

[via Shiny Shiny]

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