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Loads of re-branding has been happening in India. After Indian Airlines and Hutch rebranding, it is now Worldspace which has changed its logo and added a tagline to “truly represent” its brand identity in the Global markets.
According to a press release on 6th January’06, Worldspace, one of the world leaders in satellite-based digital radio services, introduced its new identity and tagline “Turn on your World”. These elements, according to the release, reflect the company’s commitment to deliver a unique, personal global satellite radio experience to its current and future customers. This tagline would also be used in future marketing and product packaging materials.

Samples of the new changes have also being given at New Brand Identity.

According to the WorldSpace website, WorldSpace (Nasdaq: WRSP) is the world’s only global media and entertainment company positioned to offer a satellite radio experience to consumers in more than 130 countries with five billion people, driving 300 million cars. WorldSpace subscribers benefit from a unique combination of local programming, original WorldSpace content and content from leading brands around the globe including the BBC, CNN, Virgin Radio, NDTV and RFI.

Incidentally, the India website does not reflect the new logo yet. Ironically, India is one of its key focus areas to enhance coverage and content for the year 2006!

[via Logo lounge]

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