I really admire people who have a passion for Advertising. But it is a different thing to be obsessed with it! With the advent of technology, marketers are exploring new avenues and areas for enhancing visibility. Never knew there will be another P added to Advertising … nail P-olishing!

Women (and maybe men too) can wear brands on their fingernails now and endorse them in public domain. With the latest digital imaging technology, logos can be printed on the nails in different shades and colors.

Wondering how relevant would this Fingernail Advertising be in the context of Modern Advertising. Though the images can be very well put on the nails, I doubt if the idea would sell…

Next time if you are watching Wimbledon, imagine if Sania Mirza has TATA Indicom or Sahara India on her fingernails, and Maria Sharapova endorsing Colgate-Palmolive or Canon!….Most of the celebrities would keep waving hands or pass flying kisses to the cameras flaunting their own brands!
Maybe even politicians start endorsing brands during their Handshakes in Trade Agreements and delegate conferences….talk of taking Advertising to the next level

But what exactly is this Level about? Steve highlights this “Level” really well… apart from Logoed Fingernails, he has been talking about headvertising, assvertising, babyvertising, voicevertising, cleavagevertising, bellyvertising or boobvertising ….guess the Advertisers have done a comprehensive dissection of the human anatomy!
Thanks for the Interesting perspective, Steve!

However, for those who do find this concept enticing and would like to become the future celebrities, there is no harm in experimenting, is it?
Gizmag presented this concept a few months back through digital image technology-based Imaginail NailJet Pro

The Imaginail NailJet Pro inkjets artwork directly onto the fingernail in high resolution at very low cost. Lasting as long as normal nail varnish, the NailJet Pro can print photographs or any other high resolution design and it can print a different design on every fingernail.

Originated in Florida, Ohio and Japan, Imaginail has even patented the concept.

Must say…A nice way to aver that you have Advertising on your Fingertips …literally in this case!

[via Adrants and Papermag Blog]

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