Ever thought of personifying an ice-cream? Did someone ever ask you …if you were an Ice-cream, what would be your flavor?

Bristol-based Rocombe Fresh Ice cream Ltd attempts to get the answers for you, through their exquisite offerings and flavors. Targeting the luxury segment and tagging their supplies as “curiously scarce and slightly subversive in nature”, each flavor is customized for a specific persona and promise to “impart a variety of subtle and intense flavour experiences!
Through its various flavors, Rocombe brings to you a new approach to life “through the fusion of substance and style!
Doesn’t that sound familiar? Isn’t this what almost every other ice-cream maker talks about? Suiting your taste…especially made for you….for your own self…and all that…? This also..

No, this is not just another promotional gimmick with inflated promises and pronounced will-o-the-wisps. There is a bit more to it.
The differentiating factor is not only the flavor per se, but the award-winning Packaging of the ice-creams. Have a look at the following packaging for each of the flavors.
Click on each of them to read more on the flavors and the story behind their personification!
According to the website, each ice cream or sorbet is associated with a character and has a soul. “Each is mysterious and each is sinly playful”. Apparently, the various editions of the cups hold the key to the soul and their identification!

Whatever the case may be, Rocombe has managed to beat the clutter of the Ice-cream market. The creatives were designed by Reach Design of Bristol and won them the 8th International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards in Packaging and Design!

Nicely put and needs well identified. What is imperative in this kind of market and experience is continuous innovation. Rocombe needs to identify new character types and create corresponding flavors continuously to retain the equity it has gained in the market and to ensure that the consumers have something to look forward to!
Surprisingly, as opposed to the order of the day, Rocombe hasn’t got any Viral campaign running on their Website!

[via Fab-Awards]

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