This is my 100th post on Read between the Ps.
For many bloggers, 100 posts is nothing. For others, it might still be nothing…

The pic here shows kids celebrating their 100th day of kindergarten school. I indeed have completed 100 days of my kindergarten school. It has been a great learning throughout and I must admit – Working on each of the entries has been quite an experience!

Hope to continue reading between the Ps this year too.. and getting perspectives from my expert colleagues and friends.


Back to work now….
Here are a couple of must-see collections of Campaigns which I discovered lately

(1) The Legendary series from Leo Burnett has some of the best International Campaigns since the 1960s. Though some of them are familiar, there are some pieces that are absolutely marvelous and a must-see for every Marketer!

(2) The other set of campaigns is closer home – A set of all TV Ads of Fevicol. Fevicol has been known for some of the best creatives ever produced. The brains behind the campaign come from Ogilvy & Mather who have created award winning advertisements with Pidilite. Fevicol Ads have enjoyed very high recalls and some of the Ads are familiar even today. The link contains all the TV Ads from 1996 onwards. Have a look.

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