Have been browsing through a lot of Billboards today. This one is for KitKat and once again, wonderfully presented. Not sure of the location or the agency, except that it has reached here via Billboardroom and was originally sourced from Creative Criminal.

Talk about execution and this one for Silberman Fitness Center caught my attention instantly. Once again, full credits to Billboardroom for posting this entry.

What an excellent utilization of the Banner space!
This is the kind of creativity one really looks forward to. It is not the idea per se. But putting the thoughts into a droning media line and extracting the intended communication from it is what deserves appreciation. I think where Indian advertisers need to venture into is such new modes of advertising. Creative and innovative advertising using the same conventional connection media has ceased to be appealing with the Indian Consumer. We need to reach the consumer from other touch points.
One such media is Outdoor Advertising, through Billboards and sign posts. This is where we need loads of work to do.
In Delhi, there is a 10 KM stretch of a Flyover, full of 50-60 Billboards within that small stretch! Unfortunately, not even a single piece is appealing enough, and the recall probably lasts as long as the flyover!
But I am sure Advertisers are learning and getting ideas and it is just a matter of time that we would see more of these hoardings around, and creativity would be appreciated offline as well. Till that time, I can count on the Blogosphere!

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