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A recent viral campaign by FedEx has been launched in Europe, key Middle East markets and India. [source: Adverblog]Titled “Relax I will Manage”, the campaign comprises five videos targeting different target segments/demographies in each of the videos. Highlighting different situations in the corporate world, the creatives end with the solution provider as FedEx – “FedEx Express. All you need to know in shipping to Asia”, “So easy to ship internationally. Practically, anyone can do it”, or “Relax. Its FedEx” and “When you need fast, reliable service, Relax. Its FedEx”.

In one particular case, as has also been highlighted in Adverblog, the creative remarks on MBAs “Even an MBA can do it”. Since it is so much pertinent to this blog, I could not resist entering it here!

When told to ship the packages through FedEx, a new Manager replies “You don’t understand. I have an MBA” Quick comes the reply with a thoughtful gesture “Oh you have an MBA…In that case, let me show how to do it” ….“FedEx. Even an MBA can do it”

Good thinking. Must say, thats a smart way of talking shipping with MBAs…reaching to them through this Ad!
Incidentally, while browsing the FexEx website, I found the Country profile of India. It is an exhaustive page on the legislative pre-requisites of trading with India. Though I did not read the entire page completely, some parts of it are definitely insightful.
For instance, “Publications containing maps showing incorrect boundaries of India” are strictly prohibited to be imported into India. Now, that is an interesting discovery! How many of us actually know that is illegal to carry an Incorrect map of India here? I think I need to revise my geography now! 😉

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  1. Great posting again man , i liked the “you are my dad” one , the “mba” ad was also good…really good campaigns…very cool site too…really amazing.

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