Hit upon an Indian advertising blog “How Advertising Spoiled Me” by Arvind R from Chennai. The Blog has an excellent collection of print and video campaigns, some of which are creative works of Indian agencies.
Two specific entries that I really loved were the Save Trees with the tagline “Save Trees. Trees Save” and Education ads that says “45% of India’s Adult population still needs guidance. Each one. Teach one.”

Incidentally, both the ads are a result of the creative genius from Lowe Mumbai.
Nice campaigns definitely. Unfortunately, I could not manage the creative brief on any of these ads. Nonetheless, the work shows that the agency has an excellent understanding of the customers’ emotions, and has been done keeping in mind the emotive appeal that was to be created. But both the Ads trigger some food for thought and an introspection from the people who take this seriously.

Great work indeed, both by Lowe and Arvind. Must say, the creativity reflects in their work!

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