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A nice perspective on Marketing to Women Online by Holly on How to Lose Sales in two words – the Power of Personalization

An answer to “Can you lose sales in two words?” with women ….. two words that would ensure loss of potential customers instantly, and obviate any chances of converting women prospects.. are
Dear Sir” – incorrect addressing to women can turn disastrous for the Salesmen. “The moment she reads it, the deal has gone!”. In this world of personalization, every consumer presumes that the salesman knows about him, or at least a bit about him….But if I perceive that the other person does not even recognize my gender, it works against the deal, very much against! This is where online marketing, with virtual transactions and perceived customers, can prove to be risky. There are no tangible impressions, no audible transactions and no visible purchases….none to identify the gender of the customers! In such cases, it is imperative to stay conservative, and if not, at least not presume details!

Though online marketing is still in its nascent stage in India, the potential of women consumers, and their role in the Urban Markets as “Buyers” and Rural Markets as “Influencers” is unquestionable. Looking ahead, every marketer who targets women online needs to keep this in mind …the first shot can very well be the parting shot!

Thanks for the insight, Holly!

No wonder the latest custom in Business Communication has been modified to cater to this risk! After the end of Male Chauvinists, here comes a brand new era of neutral personalization (or maybe end of Presumed Personalization, talking the “Read Between the Ps” lingo!)
Dear Customer” replaces the reverential “Dear Sir” and “her” dispels any dilemma presented on the “his/her” status.

Not sure how many men in India would like to be addressed “Dear Madam“! Probably, most of them would be willing to ignore it for their wives? or girlfriends? 😉

[via WonderBranding]

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  1. Hi Puru , I am not much into reading others blog ……..but trust me your blog is something…….i mean i am hooked to your blog …….very nice articles …very nice discussions….I for sure will be a regular reader of your blog it tells me about one thing I am very passionate about ADVERTISING.

    I would like to end with only one thing….where has this blog been all that while????

    Add me to your fan list.

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