Was wondering what to put on this auspicious occasion of “Diwali” – Ads, Posters, Diyas, Crackers, Gods…what not? There is so much in the market customized for this occasion. So many sales attached to this? In this part of the Marketing world, the season in India would be equivalent to the stakes involved during Christmas.
With a 4-day vacation and multiple occasions pre- and post- Diwali, there is a lot of air time on offer, during which consumers can be lured.
So, what better could I offer than on this Biggest Festival of Hindus, than a sweet box of chocolates? 😉

Have a box of ‘Celebrations‘, dance, party… and Enjoy with the entire Family. Have a Great Diwali!

Incidentally, the “sweets” attraction brought me to one of the best websites I have seen lately, in terms of campaigns and the layout.
Let me take it up in the next entry. For now, Shubkaamnaayen (Best wishes) and Happy Diwali..!

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