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Cadbury’s India has coded its website (Flash version) pretty well. Though quite similar to Pepsi International in the look and feel, Cadbury has some unique campaigns and products to offer. The best part of the website is – it is pretty well structured, simple and easy navigable.

A small icon from each Ad symbolizes a section on the Site – Chocolates, New Launches, History “Sweet Past” , Advertising, Careers and Current Performance. Good presentation!

It is imperative for an impulse product like chocolates to be presented at every step in order to ensure a high recall. Two simple elements used by Cadbury are – Humor and Emotive appeal. I think these are the 2 most effective ways to ensure a high top-of-the-mind recall for Cadbury’s. In each of their Humor-flavored Ads, the positioning is communicated at the end of the Ad, which connects to the Ad and the brand.
In the Emotive Ads, the emotions revolve around the brand itself – simple dynamics of Advertising – Sweet, yet elegant!

Consider this piece which was started a couple of months back – in the Radio and TV media. Excellent Execution, with the pertinent triggers. An awesome background score in itself was instrumental in enhancing the recall value….
Main Khush hoon aaj khaama khaan… Main Khush hoon aaj khaama khan…” (Don’t know why but am happy today…just like that!)

Notice each expression carefully, and each slide individually…
Though the reasons may be different, but most of us can relate to the expressions and the situations – times when you just feel nice about everything around you…and feel like jumping around, foot stepping, smiling in your own thoughts, humming tunes…and oblivious of the surroundings.. simply when the world looks like a nice place to live in after all – Cadbury’s …bringing happiness around you..
Wow! That’s just like Richard Bach endorsing Cadbury’s ! 🙂

A great way to capture the emotions and capitalize on this connect! Good work! Check out the complete Ad and some other wonderful pieces in the Advertisings Section on the Cadbury’s Website

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