Got my Summers at ITC. First perception of the company? Cigarettes, of course. Since the beginning of my reading on Marketing, I have always associated “Smoking” with ITC …until.. I visited Jim’s Burnt Offerings.

A unique collection of Cigarette covers, Advertisements, packets and covers, this website entails an “awe” for the passion that the author has, for cigarettes. Jim has been compiling the photographs since Jan 1998, and his collection traces back to as early as the 1880s. His collection spans across the globe, including Turkey, Egypt, China, Britain..etc with a reference to all the International Brands, and their corresponding Advertisements.
Click here for all the International Ads. He also has a unique collection of promotional cards issued in the 1880s in America.

It is one of the best, rather, THE BEST, collection I have even seen, for any one product. Just a glance through the website is an experience in itself. Kudos to the effort Jim. It is an indeed an inspiration for young aspirants like us!

Mr. Deveshwar (Head of ITC), you’ve got something to add? 😉

Catch a glimpse of the terrific collection:

Brand Specific

Country Specific – Japan, Russia, Cuba

Please NoteAll Images have been republished with prior permission from the owner – James A. Shaw. For any reprinting, approval from him is mandatory.

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  1. Hi Puru,

    I just got the link to ur blog thru a friend of mine and I must say that its a pretty decent.

    By the way if you remember I was part of the FMS yahoo groups before deciding to join IIM K.

    I also will be doing my summers at ITC.

    Warm Regards,


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