An association with Tourism Australia has prompted Shoppers’ Stop to launch “Down Under Fest” – a promotional campaign to increase the purchases during the festive season.
With a few selected Artists from Australia scheduled to be “available” at select Shoppers’ Stop outlets and special items being sold, like “Perth Mint Coins” and “memorabilia from Sir Don Bradman Museum”, giving a pure Australian Flavor.

Just an afterthought: Is it promotion of Australia Tourism or is it a move to increase the footfalls at shoppers’ stop? Probably, it is both. But I doubt if there would be a marked increase in the footfalls because of “Australian” touch during this festive season. A logical inference is that the “Diwali” month in itself promotes higher ticket sizes and customers, and maybe the Aussies wanna take advantage of this time. The Aussie flavor could be simply a gimmick, since neither is there any prominent personality in the Australian troupe visiting the outlets across the country, nor is “Australia” a top of the mind tourist destination, primarily due to cost differentials.

A preferred mode of branding could be showcasing Australian products, particular to “Australian Tradition” – something that gives an insight into the culture of the country, and triggers an excitement towards delving further into it.
Traditional Apparels, home grown food products and local bands, according to me, would have been the best platforms to make “Australia” visible, rather than meeting with unknown semi-famous personalities.

Still, I feel, though subdued, the effort has been initiated in the right direction, with a move towards making Australia visible at a time, when people are ready to see something!
Co-branding with foreign tourism officials is in vogue at this time in India. After New Zealand and Singapore, Australia would not like to stay behind, would it!

So folks, this Diwali, be ready to burst crackers next to the Opera House… 🙂

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