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Well, the name does sound to be wierd, but when I went to the website by that name, they do offer some neat product.

Considering the fact that a major part of North India, and Pakistan have met with a major tragedy, killing more than 3,000 people, and devastating the entire region, it does feel appalling sometimes, that no matter how much you rise in the Global Business, no matter how much strength the world perceives out of you…….you are still under the Nature’s purview!

Thats besides the point, and more so, beyond the scope of this blog :-). An interesting piece I found was Earthquake Marketing, with a product called as “Earthquake Whistle”!

Tagged as EQ, I am not sure how successful it has been in its Market, but I liked the product.

Just a normal whistle, but branding it as a “Life Savior” is what Marketing is all about! The page on Uses mentions almost all the ways in which it can be crucial for human beings – Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Fire, etc. Lost people can whistle themselves to safety, trapped under the mud, some can whistle their way out…but that’s something that any normal whistle can do. What is so special about “Earthquake Whistle” then?
It does not only produce sound, but also produces a small shrill blast, in anticipation of a disaster and can be used as a signalling mechanism for the search parties.

Such a product CAN be made in India itself, if not ordered from “EQ” Marketing. The idea, per se, is an intelligent one, and should be leveraged as part of building preventive measures to tackle such situations in a more prepared manner, in future!

Are you listening, UPA dudes? 😉

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