If you thought that the “feel good” factor can only be attributed to the shrewd brains of the profligate BJP Government and a high-budget campaign can only be their prerogative, think again!

A New Ad campaign has been launched to motivate the Germans, who are facing a crisis situation, as a result of which the confidence level of the country has plummeted over the past few weeks; Resulting in a deep sense of dissatisfaction and skepticism in the minds of the Germans.

Called “Du Bist Deutschland!” (You are Germany) the non-commercial campaign was launched on 25th September and would run for 4 months in print and TV media.

The basic issue that triggered the need for such a campaign is German Mentality! In an article in BBC, the Organizer Bernd Bauer substantiates this argument –
“You know, we simply tend to see things even more negatively than they actually are, and that’s where we want to initiate a change and that’s one of the reasons for this campaign.”

As a result, the campaign hopes to motivate each individual to make their own personal contribution to lifting Germany out of its ‘crisis’ (Source)
Double spread newspaper adverts urge readers to see themselves as successors to Germany’s famous sons and daughters ranging from scientific geniuses – “You are Albert Einstein” – to racing driver Michael Schumacher or entrepreneur Beate Uhse.

It provokes an introspection by every German and asks if he knows his significance in the country.. As a response, the Ad continues to say.. (I really like this line) –
“Unlikely, you say? Then why do you cheer on your team in the stadium if your voice is unimportant? Why do you wave your flag when Schumacher whizzes around the racing circuit? Because your flag is one of many, and out of your voice grows a whole chorus – you are one of many. You are Germany!” (Reference)

In one of the other Ads, as mentioned in BBC, it says “A butterfly can start a typhoon. No one’s too small to make a difference,” …Guess, this needs to be reinforced in any place, where people start getting indifferent to the environment and its proceedings!

But a common underlying theme of the campaign is “”Don’t ask what others can do for you. You are the others. You are Germany!”

The total Campaign has cost Germany $47 million, which, according to BBC, is the Biggest Ad Campaign in the History of Germany.
It is produced by Star Ad agencies Jung von Matt and the funding comes from 25 blue-chip media companies, led by the Bertelsmann publishing empire.

Over 30 personalities have been asked to endorse the campaign, and include –

• TV presenter Sandra Maischberger
• F1 Champion Michael Schumacher
• Ice skater Katharina Witt
• Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn
• Leading Economist Ludwig Erhard
• Reference to Ludwig van Beethoven, Max Schmeling, Albert Einstein and Newton
(The baby featured shows the potential Germany holds in creating more people like boxer Max Schmeling. I didn’t know about Max Schmeling till I read about this campaign!)

Visit the home page of the official website for the campaign and go to the Campaign Section. The entire campaign has been explicated using nice soothing flash clippings.

Somewhere my German knowledge helped ;-)..

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  3. The article rightly points out how marketing can also be used for boosting morales of the denizens of a country in crisis. Marketing afterall is something that increases the standards/conditions of living including the emotional and behavioral aspects.The writer must be commended for identifying these innovative and constructive examples of marketing and how can marketing be clubbed to nationalism and optimism. The qoutes choisen are really cool.The pictures were really good(dnt ask me which ones).The You centric Taglines always mean a lot as they directly connect to the customer’s thinking systems(Somehow reminds me of Dell’s “You know better Dell knows how”)
    The focus is also on individual initiative..We always question What can one man do? However we must also remember that “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough”

  4. Hey dude,on ur way to Germany u skipped the recent societal marketing in Mumbai
    When this economic capital of India was inundated with rains and people were starting getting apprehensive about the future of India’s economy whcih otherwise was more than bright Asian Age came up with an ad cum article to boost the morale of all Mumbaikars in particular and Indians in general.The article was aptly titled “YOU CAN FLOOD A CITY,BUT YOU CAN NEVER DROWN THE SPITIT”.It was designed by Eqqus Red cell.

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