If you are in Belgium, and have traveled within the past 5-6 days, there is a good chance that you would recognize these faces (but a bad chance that you would be reading this blog 😀 )
They are Ange and Maria – the New faces of Innovative Advertising.

Titled “Ford Miracles”, the campaign has been designed my Oglivy Belgium. I read the article from Adfab – the entry on First talking Abribus.

It involves an actor who is hidden in some other booth, and based on the response of the audience, he replies, and is reflected in the expressions shown on the character’s face. It looks like the character is talking to you. And you already know Ange and Maria by now, right? Have a close look at them…they might wink at you anytime! Want to try? 😉

The only issue I think they might face is sustenance. Once people know about the character’s originality, it would not be too late, when they start looking for the “hidden” booth. Also, how long can you hire one single person for a single poster? What if it is a holiday? Does Ange remain quiet that day?

The website specifically designed for this campaign – Ford Miracles is beyond my comprehension, but yes, it is not too aurally inviting – the sound reminds me of the spooky ghostly movies. To add to that, the insecurity that the face might just transmogrify into a jaded ghost terrified the unexposed souls like me, who still cannot completely appreciate the non-existent :-).

Nonetheless, a plus on Innovation! Kudos, Oglivy!

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  1. Think has something to the fact that people associate themselves with the brand personality and their expressions when it comes to purchasing decisions… but i am not sure why it became a resounding success..
    Anyway..how are u doing Puru and how is FMS ? Check out my blog too..

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