A few days back, I had done a book review on “How to be creative” that covered the “attributes” of creativity – what essentially constitutes creativity, and how do rake the creative cells in us?
Now that we have decided to be creative, there are definitely going to be roadblocks on the way.
There could be tangible blocks in terms of constraints and restrictions in our lifestyle and the work cycle, or intangibles that block our subconscious mind, that pose to be bottlenecks in our thinking in creative or unconventional ways.

There are certain Mindsets that need to be changed, certain perspectives that need to be redone, certain perceptions that need to fine-tuned…

I had a session on Creativity and Innovation in my organization a few months back. There were 7 such barriers listed to us, based on a questionnaire that was given to assess and evaluate the degree of each of these barriers to creativity in each one of us.

They were:
– Allergy to Ambiguity
– Conformity
– Fear of Failure
– Touchiness
– Resource Myopia
– Rigidity
– Starved Sensibilities and Stereotyping

These are the naming conventions that the trainer supplied to us – Mr. Ram Kumar of IIM Ahemadabad.
These are the blocks that one needs to delve into, and introspect the aspect he/she has to work upon.

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