Finally, I get time to update my baby. The last few days have been slightly hectic, so couldn’t put much time into it. Now, am in Delhi – plan to do some bit here, before the College starts.
During my journey, I read an interesting e-book – “How to be Creative” available at
It is written by Hugh MacLeod. Hugh MacLeod is a brand consultant, copywriter and cartoonist. This edition has been taken from his Website – Gaping Void

The book gives some very useful tips on how one should be creative, and for one to be creative, one need not first understand the implications and the market, and then exercise and customize his creativity. One just needs to be himself, and make sure it is his inspiration that drives him to follow his passion!
If something is your passion, you pursue it not for others, but for yourself. Hugh has given 26 tips on the subject, elucidating each of them pertinent to specific sectors. Though it is a must read for Artists and writers, it is relevant for virtually every sector.
He talks about Inspiration, that need not be consciously searched for, but comes from within; he talks about Apprehensions, which needs to be quashed if one is determined to work hard; he talks of hard work as something that is quintessential for achieving your objectives!
In one of the tips, he talked about reception of good ideas in the society. It is always difficult for your colleagues and comrades to consume change!

“Good Ideas alter the power balance of the relationships, and that is why, good ideas are always initially resisted.”

He mentioned crayons as the tools of creativity. When we are young, we express our creativity with our crayons, without thinking of the result, without considering the likeability of our creation – we just draw something, because we want to.
Most of us sometime turn our ideas down, since we think they are too trivial to be addressed or worked upon. A small idea can sometimes do wonders. Take Sony, take Xerox!

“The idea doesn’t have to be big. It just has to change the world. The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.”

There is an interesting theory pioneered by him – the Sex and Cash theory – related to the current job that one holds.

“A Creative person has 2 kinds of jobs. One that gives you pleasure and the
other that takes care of your expenses”

Internal inspiration and aspiration is something one has to figure out oneself, and does not need to look for externally. “Everybody has his/her own Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb”

A significant point I liked from the entry was that every person worked with something he calls “Pillars” – justifications to our deeds and inaction. Camouflaging our internal fears and apprehensions; Covering our inability and weaknesses with a veneer of irrational reasoning!

“A fancy tool just gives the second-rater one more pillar to hide behind. Which
is why there are so many hack writers with state-of-the-art laptops. Keep asking
yourself “Is it a pillar?” We all have our pillars behind which we hide. Keep on
asking this for every aspect of your business, culture, etc”

Be ready to face hardships in your venture. By scuppering all hope of worldly and social betterment from the creative act, by quashing all hope of recognition, you need to ask one thing to yourself – Do you make this thing exist or not? Doing something seriously creative is one of the most amazing experiences one can have in life.

As for the Marketing perspective, selling your work is not easy, and the earlier one realizes it, the better it is for him. One has to complete the race on his own, and assume at the beginning the market is shrewd. You start it alone, and you win it alone. If you win friends, it is an advantage, but don’t start the journey with this very premise.
One has to make his own individual identity in the market, and nothing pushes this, but Passion to create, passion to chase your dreams, and passion to change the world. Unless you really chase it, you will NEVER make it!

The only people who can change the world are people who want to. Not everybody does.
Sing in your own voice.

Finally a word of caution from him – One should get passionate about things, but not desperate and obsessed about it. You should know where to draw the line…

“The first rule of business is never sell something you love. Otherwise, you may
as well be selling your children”.

He ended with an advice to “Write from the heart” I take a leaf out of his work, and quote a sentence he mentioned regards to the communication of your work, and appeasement to the customer…
Conversation can be scaled. Communication can be scaled. But Intimacy cannot be scaled. It is a one-on-one phenomenon.

A well-written book, and an inspiring one!

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