The dose needs to be given regularly. Put the Brand-aid on! Here are the 20 pills for this week:

The first product made by this company was a car record player. They gave themselves a name similar to the name of the market leader in record players in those days. Name the company and the rival Company
(Motorola and Victrola)

Which automobile brand is named after the Spanish word for `grace’?
(MERCEDES—It was named after the daughter of Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman who promised to buy a fleet of cars if they were named after his daughter whose name `Mercedes’ translated to `grace’ in Spanish)

Which Company was originally named as “Computer-Tabulator-Recorder Company (C-T-R)?

BSA SLR is a popular name in the Cycle Industry. What does it stand for?
(BSA SLR – Birmingham Small Arms Self-Loading Rifle. The symbol of 2 rifles arranged in a A formation on each bike)

Donald Duck is a famous cartoon personality in the Disney World. What is his complete Name?
(Donald Fauntleroy Duck)

Durex was launched in 1929 by the London Rubber Company. How did the name originate?
(It derived its name from its qualities of ‘durability, reliability and excellence’)

This International Rock artish got his name because of a yellow-and-black striped shirt he wore until it literally fell apart. What is his name?

Which company uses a mascot called Geoffrey the giraffe?
(Mc Donalds)

Alpenliebe is owned by which company?
(Perfetti – Other brands – Big Babol, Center Fresh, Center Shock, Chlor Mint, Cofitos, Fruit-Tella, Golia, Happy Dent, Marbles, Mentos, Squeezie, Sypro)

Eureka Forbes is the leader in the water purifier market, with its brand “Aquaguard”. This is a joint venture between Forbes Gokak (part of the Shapoorji Pallonji group) and a European company. What is the name of this company?
(Electrolux AB)

Which Television channel launched the first local programming initiative in India in the form of reality show – Everest se Takkar?
(National Geographic)

Rajnigandha, Bobo and Catch are brands that belong to which company?
(Dharampal Satyapal Ltd)

An Indian pharma company was sued by GlaxoSmithKline Plc. for making a generic version of the popular migraine drug, Imitrex, before the expiration of its patent over it. Name the company in question.
(Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories)

This newspaper completed 131 yeas of existence in March’05

Which company is headquartered at Ann Arbor, Michigan?
(Domino’s – 2nd largest pizza chain in the US today; founded by Tom Monaghan and his brother James)

SUV “Cayenne”, sports cars Boxter and Carrera are brands of which automaker?
(German Automaker Porsche)

What do the initials “AG” stand for, w.r.t. A German company?
(It signifies an “Incorporated” company, and stands for Aktiengesellschaft)

Agnelli-family is associated with which family-owned company?

This company launched a programme “Unnati” to increase the sales volumes at the dealers level. Identify the company.

Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle was first Introduced in Britain in 1949, and has seen minor modifications since then. It was first produced in India in 1955, and are manufactured in Chennai To which Industrial group does Royal Enfield belong?
(Eicher Group)

Time for the P-Ad for this week! This one is designed for NDTV

The Body of the Ad reads “For us, truth is not a commodity. It’s our reason for existence. For us, credibility is not an empty slogan. It’s an obsession. That’s why we painstakingly support every story with first-hand reports, in-depth analysis and insightful discussions. So if there’s any judgement that’s passed, it’s yours.
The look-and-feel is pretty good, and conveys “Candor” and “Attitude” in the News-taker’s fashion!
Baselined as “Experience. Truth first.”, the Ad has been designed by McCann for NDTV! Have a look…

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  1. You listed a number of questions / answers about different companies. One was, “Which company uses a mascot called Geoffrey the giraffe?
    (Mc Donalds)”
    This is not correct. The answer is Toys-R-Us. Thanks!

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