On time-this time… Weekly collection of 20 Brand Pills and a P-Ad Dose 🙂
Here they are…

This Brand was acquired by Morepen in 2001. It was originally a brand of Boots Company PLC. What is the name of the brand?

This company is famous for training Marketers. Steve Case,Steve Ballmer,Meg Whitman,Scott Cook,Jeff Immelt – all have, at one time, worked in this FMCG. Which company am I talking about?

Rapidex English course were the first to use him as a model to prove to people that lack of knowledge of English was in no way going to inhibit them from reaching the top. Identify their model
(Kapil dev)

It was first introduced in 1974 on a pack of Wrigley’s gum,and have served quite well since then, in providing product identity. It has certainly delivered the promise of providing manufacturers and retailers the ability to exercise greater control of their merchandise pipelines. What am I talking about?
(Bar Codes)

This Cincinnati, Ohio based company launched a new brand message in April’05 – “Outthinking. Outdoing”. What is the name of the company?
(Convergys. The new brand message inculcates the interplay of its business expertise (thinking) and performance (doing) – backed by over 20 years of experience.)

Which company manufacturers the “Onida” and “Igo” Brands?
(Mirc Electronics)

The latest Ad launched by Pepsi in India is the “Oye Bubbly” Ad. The 60-second ad articulates the philosophy behind Pepsi’s popular tagline Yeh Pyaas Hai Badi and comes from the insight that the thirst for a Pepsi is so intense that even inanimate objects lust for it, PepsiCo said in a statement. It features Shah Rukh Khan in the Ad and a lot of animation. Which agency has created the animation characters for the Ad?
(The characters have been created by Studio Glassworks, London)

Tata Tea recently went through a re-launch of its offerings. It featured 2 celebrities for endorsing a new mass media advertisement campaign. Who are they?
(Tennis star Sania Mirza and prominent playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan)

Acme Clothing bought Acme Global and Acme Hospitality last year. What was it renamed as this year?

Which Ad Agency conceived the idea of the “Express Yourself” campaign of Airtel?
(Rediffusion DYR)

The 11th President of India is Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. What does A P J stand for, in his name?
(Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen)

She designed the Swoosh Logo for Nike. What is her name?
(Carolyne Davidson)
Nike is Greek for victory and is also the Greek goddess of victory. The name came in a dream to Jeff Johnson, Nike’s first “real” employee and replaced the original name of Blue Ribbon Sports. It beat out Phil Knight’s own name change idea of “Dimension 6.” However, the company did pay Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University, $35 in 1971 to design the trademark “swoosh.”

This company adopted a different Advertising Strategy. It sponsored an episode of the television show “24” on the Fox cable channel last season, giving consumers 54 minutes without commercials, but adding a 6-minute, adventure-themed ad broken up into two segments at the beginning and end of the show. Which company was it?

Manvinder Singh ‘Vindi’ Banga resigned from the Chairman’s post at Hindustan Lever last week. Who took over from him?
(Harish Manwani)

KSA Technopak is a premier global solutions provider focused exclusively on the leading consumer products suppliers, retailers, and health care organizations. What does the abbreviation KSA stand for?
(Kurt Salmon Associates)

It is a famous US Apparel Brand, and the only company with a question mark after its name. It was the hip jeans of the 1980s. What is the name of the brand?

Which company won a case against Cybersquatting, engaging in abusive behavior over a website, with respect to its website in UK?
(Apple, with it’s I-tunes website)
There is an interesting story behind this incident.
People who want to use Apple’s popular iTunes service in Britain must go to the Web page www.itunes.com/uk, not www.itunes.co.uk. This site is owned by Benjamin Cohen, a 22-year-old British entrepreneur. He is the founder of CyberBritain, an Internet company that registered www.itunes.co.uk in November 2000, two months before Apple introduced its iTunes music store. Last November, Apple offered to buy the domain. When the two sides could not agree on a price, Apple appealed to Nominet, the British registry for Internet names, and was eventually awarded the domain.Nominet ruled that, by trying to capitalize on the iTunes domain, Cohen was the party engaging in an abusive behavior, commonly known as cybersquatting. “Apple wrote to my lawyer, who is also my father, offering to buy the domain name for $5,000,” said Cohen. “That would barely have covered our legal costs.” He suggested an amount equivalent to $94,000, “a sum which includes a premium since I don’t actually want to sell it.” Nominet ruled that Cohen’s fatal mistake was not what he did when he registered the domain so much as what it did with it later. According to Nominet’s investigation, Cohen subsequently sent an e-mail message to Napster, a rival music service, in October 2004 asking if it would be interested in buying his iTunes domain. The message said that Cohen’s company owned and registered the name before Apple introduced the iPod. Napster was not interested in Cohen’s offer but Nominet’s expert ruled that the e-mail message had showed “abusive intent.” Nominet then awarded the domain to Apple.

The name of the brand meant Energy. It was packaged in Red colour, since the Rural markets were targeted and Red denotes auspicious. Which Brand is this?
(Tiger Brand, launched by Britannia)

STAR TV recently launched a 24-hour Bengali News channel, along with a local Bengali Newspaper. What is the name of the Newspaper, and the Channel?
(Anand Bazar Patrika – launched STAR Ananda)

Which company is the world’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and cookies?

That’s for the Brand Pills…For the P-Ad,this time, it is a non-Amullic Ad. This was the Ad of the Day a few days back on www.agencyfaqs.com.
It is an Ad of King Richard Shirts.
An excellent blend of shades. The Tagline reads “Stay Fresh this Summer“.
Good choice Agency FAQs.. gets my vote too!

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