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It increased from 4 to 5 initially, with an addition that Marketers identified with the Luxury Sector. There was one addition to the Traditional Set of Ps.

Now, the “family” has grown to 8 here also!
Reiterates the very basis of this blog – As long as Marketing Continues, there would continue an evolution to Extend …. The Bridge of Ps !

The 8 P’s of Marketing for the Hospitality and Travel Industry :
– Product
– Price
– Promotion
– Place
In addition to this Traditional list, following have been added:
– Packaging
– Programming

– People
– Partnership

For the Luxury Sector – Another P was added to the list of 4 , making in all 5 Ps
– Product
– Price
– Promotion
– Place
Placement !

And if you still havent got Psyched out, here is a list of 5 P’s of Marketing of Professional Service Business, that I found out at
– Positioning
– Packaging
– Promotion
– Persuasion
– Performance

P-Mania is contagious……

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