Next lot of my pick of some of the Interesting Brand Questions, compiled from various sources.

In 2002, the US-based Bakery Manufacturers’ Association’s charts showed that this company G was rated as the largest selling glucose biscuit brand in the whole world in terms of volumes. Which Company is being referred?
(The company is Parle G. The others – Oreo from Nabisco and McVities from UK-based United Biscuits)

Which company, when associated with the popular TV Serial Kaun Banega Crorepati, enjoyed almost 20% increase in its sales?
(Britannia, when it associated the 50:50 round with its range – Britannia 50-50)

Which is the world’s First Credit Card?
(Diners Club – the founder Frank McNamara started it in 1950, specifically for Restaurants. 14 restaurants in New York accepted it. The cards were made of a paper stock with the accepting locations printed on the back, and not plastic)

In Feb/Mar 2003, the sales of condoms in the red light area of Mumbai tripled. The reason behind this has been a successful case study in the field of advertising. What was the ad?
(Balbir Pasha)

What is the full form of MP3?
(Motion pictures experts group layer 3)

Who is the brand ambassador for the National lottery board of Srilanka?
(Mandira Bedi)

She designs jewellery for her husband’s costume jewellery export firm Artex. Who is being referred to?
(Priyanka Vadhera, for her husband Robert Vadhera)

Lintas was working on a brief for a bike to flaunt its great mileage and great
power. The client brief clearly stated that no one would be interested in figures
and hence figures should be avoided. They were asked to come up with a term for
a ‘wow’ bike encompassing both great mileage and great power. What resulted?

This company was called Lutsuko and later changed its name to something that literally means ‘to lose money’. Which one?
Sony, it’s name was considered a tongue twister, and had to be changed.

The first Xerox model was called the Xerox 914. The next model to come out was called the Xerox 813. Why?
(Paper sizes (9 x 14) and (8 x 13))

Parx Cottons belong to which parent Brand?

What is the name of the LINUX LOGO?
(TUX – A Penguin)

The MacDonalds clown is called Ronald McDonald all over the world, except in Japan. What is it called in Japan?
(Donald McDonald)

In WW II British tanks were known by a specific name because the steel used to manufacture these tanks came from this place. What were the tanks called?

A brand called Niranjan Tooth paste was in the news a couple years ago for advertising itself as what?
(100% vegetarian Toothpaste)

Which company was awarded an honorary Oscar in 1954 for “Contributing to the advancement of the Motion Picture Industry”?
(Bausch and Lomb)

What is the middle name of Azim Premji?
(Azim Hashim Premji)

In Windows NT..what does NT stand for?
(New Technology)

This product is considered the best of its kind. The first one was completed in September 1968, took four years and $1.5 billion to build, and the effort almost sank the company and threw the city of Seattle into a depression. 7000 men worked to make it. What?
(The Boeing 747)

Which brand name derives from the Japanese name for the Chinese goddess of Fortune?
(Canon – from Kwan-Jin, the Chinese Goddess of Fortune)

Wondering how many of us would have known about the MP3’s full form? 😉

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