Starting today, every week, I plan to put up a new Pill for the Market-eaters, er, Marketers! The weekly dose of 20-25 questions should fill your apetite. They call it “Brand Equity” – I call it “P+”…. Weekly dose to energize and rejuvenate your Brand Genes!
Collected from various sources, here is the first set presented to you of P+:

Large quantities of Sunlight soap had begun to be manufactured at the original Levers soap factory in the UK. A large part of the residue was soap, good in quality. Lord Leverhume added rich red colour to it to produce a germicidal soap. Which brand are we talking about?
Which brand derives its name from Laxmi, the goddess of wealth?
What famous brand name is derived from a combination of two words, which mean ‘dead’ in French and ‘one’ in German?
Which was the first ever brand endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar?
(Band Aid)
Which company introduced the successful Aspirin tablets in 1915?

Which was the first airlines to introduce Business class in 1979. ( This is also the 2nd oldest airlines in the world)?
…and what does the Australian airline stand for? – (Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service).
The famous brothers Jake, Abe, Sam , Harry, sons of Benjamin who emigrated from Poland to USA in the late 19th Century are behind which famous brand/company?
(Warner Bros)
Which famous Indian brand would you associate with Jagatjit industries?
What is the Mascot of Nerolac Paints?

Who owns the water brand “Pure Life”?
ADIDAS was named… after the founder Alfred Adi Dassler
Which Indian newspaper advertises with the line “Why settle for anything else”?
(The Statesman)
What food item was patented in 1830 and called ‘Dr. Miles compound Tomato extract?
(Tomato Ketchup)
Which brand created a sensation by sticking a Ford Cortina to a billboard at a busy junction in London?

What was advertised with the slogan “You press the button and we do the rest”?
The name of which Japanese company literally means ’50 Bells’?
Who actually built a bridge in Sri Lanka for the film “Bridge on the River Kwai”?
Which luxury car’s name means ‘lightning’ in Italian?

and finally….
The English translation of this Japanese brand means ‘Three Oceans’?

Next lot, Next issue !

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