Plan to write a paper on the Low-cost airlines, provided I get a good mentor soon. The more I read about it, the more it interests me.
Intend to cover the specifics of various airlines, the highs and lows, and the “Yes” and “No”s of this diverse Industry. Am not aware of the financials involved, so would need guidance on that too.

As of now, this is what the Contents Table of the paper would look like::
– Specifics of the Low-cost Airlines Industry
– LCA market in US, Europe and India – an insight into the past, present and future of the markets operating in different time zones
– **Difference in the Consumer Behavior in these markets
– Cost-cutting efforts followed globally, the ifs, buts, cans and shoulds behind these efforts
– Case-Study: South-west Airlines
– Case-Study: Air Deccan
– Case-Study: Ryanair / Easyjet
– Marketing Strategies for various Airlines
– Comparison: India and US Airlines Industry of the 60s
– India – Scope for Expansion and Market offerings
– **Areas of Improvement – the misses so far, and future roadway suggestions

Might include a few more, as and when thoughts flow in. Have researched on a few aspects of the above.
Will take up a slight analysis of Air Deccan and South-west Airlines subsequently

But, before I take up that, there is this exciting analogy with Marketing that I read about, pertinent to the Airlines industry – THE 4 “A”s of Airlines …;-)
ATC (Air Traffic Control)
DGCA (government or regulator)

The presence of all 4 elements is sine qua none for the success of any player venturing into this area!

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