Effective Mar 28, ’05 – Zee Network has had a makeover.. at least their logo has, if not the content. The letter ‘Z’ breaks out of the frame and is in the shape of a diamond. Zee Network has been through with this before, the makeover stuff.
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In August 2001, Zee TV had a new look, and in 2004, Zee Cinema’s logo was also changed.
The re-branding initiative was taken for all 20 channels

According to Media 24 by 7, . On the cards is a change in the on-air packaging, logo, graphics and music of the channels.
The designs have been done by FCB-Ulka to give them a global look that can connect with all sets of audience. Is it a case of old wine in new bottles? Guess, what the viewer demands today is not so much of the top right screen, than what appears in the rest of the screen!
According to Ashish Kaul, VP, corporate brand development, Essel Group, “over a period of time” the re-branding initiative would extend to the content of its channels… Wow.. so they ARE considering it, aren’t they 😉 ?

Mr Kaul averred that “the re-branding is aimed at adding the extra zing and edge which reinvents the spirit of the brand and brings it closer to our younger audience”
Sure, it “really” connects with us Mr Kaul. but … just am wondering …. which part ?

According to Business Standard,

” As a part of this exercise the three English channels of the Zee will be renamed as well. Fashion and lifestyle channel Trendz is now Zee Trendz, Zee English is Zee Café and Zee Movie Zone (ZMZ) has become Zee Studio.
Also, Smile TV is now Zee Smile. The regional channels network of the group is also being given a new identity and branding. The regional Alpha channels are now renamed as Zee Marathi, Zee Bangla, Zee Gujarati, Zee Punjabi and Zee Telegu. “

Central Chronicle has reiterated the same thing… verbatim..

This move by Zee Telefilms comes at a time when the Indian broadcasting sector is seeing a sudden rush of channels and broadcaster are trying to give a distinct identity and feel to their

By the way, I was wondering where in the world did ZMZ come from, and this is what I could gather. Supposedly, ZEE MGM was renamed to ZMZ from October 1 last year!

Whether Zee group is contemplating the launch of a new English movie channel, following the buy-out of its current partner Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer by a group headed by Sony Corp, is not forthcoming. But the latest is that starting 1 October, Zee MGM is being renamed as Zee Movie Zone (ZMZ).

Incidentally, the website of Zee Telefilms still reflects the old channels only !!
Though, the index page has been corrected..the international site is still not updated !

Also, surprisingly, no press release was made for this change..

By the way, speaking of Zee Network also reminds me of a continual debate over one thing – Is Zee Telefilms an FMCG company? It is already one of the 30 in the list of items on the BSE, but is it part of the FMCG index also? Will find out more on this later, for the time being, have a look at this discussion . Discusses if Zee Telefilms is a media or a consumer stock!

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  1. Nice article … I believe Zee should have done some changes in the color scheme of the logo also … the color scheme is similar to the old logo and takes away the sheen of the new look

    I also dunno if renaming the channels is a good strategy or not … zee has been doing this for a long time .. they had a channel called EL TV that probly became Z-news …. anyways lets hope that they put enuf brains to revamp the content and bring a fresh breeze to the world of cable TV ruled by our beloved saas-bahu

  2. I feel that changing the logos or even brandnames can b a good strategy only when its done rarely, or evern regularly BUT after sufficiently long intervals of time. It may be sometimes viewed as desparate attempts to build a brand that seems to be evading the survival. It may be also a reflection of the inability of the organisation to consolidate its growth, if growth and aquisitions have been a constant reason for the changing logos/renaming brands.

    Have you ever felt why US is still reluctant to change its currecncies? The Dollar bills have not been changing much, while it is advisable to frequently/regularly change the notes’ designs to avoid faking.


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