Long time since I posted something. Had planned to update the blog after completing INS 23, but somehow, couldn’t fish out time to post. Or maybe, the paucity of resources could also be one of the major reasons ;-). Net blocked on my terminal… so no more R&D at speedy leisure !

Anyway, plan to cover a few important areas I had thought of. To start with, a little update on… the Big wee …. .

Wal-mart has something with Mother’s Day again! I read this on the wal-mart Blog Alwayslowprices.net
An eight-by-eight foot card, signed by supporters to honor women and mothers, would be sent to Lee Scott.
A social message and request has been attached with the occasion, vis-à-vis discrimination against women being implicitly practiced by the giant!

In fact, some parties have proposed a mothers’ day boycott to Wal-mart….
A group of community leaders have urged the New Yorkers to join the “Love Mom, not Wal-mart” campaign launched by WakeupWalmart.com !

A little bit of statistics, taken from the same source which Kevin of alwaysprices.net referred to :

“Approximately 700,000 women work for Wal-Mart which makes the company the largest private sector employer of women in the United States… Wal-Mart is currently part of the largest gender discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history. Over 1.5 million former and current female employees are suing the company for pay and promotion disparity. At every level, from cashiers to senior executives, Wal-Mart pays its female employees less than their male counterparts. An analysis of Wal-Mart payroll records done in 2003 showed that despite making up 72 percent of the hourly workforce, women only accounted for 33 percent of managers and only 15 percent of store managers.”

I wonder if there is so many vindictive opinions on Wal-mart, how is it able to sustain its command over the market? How is it able to retain its position?
Is it that no matter what policies Wal-mart follows, no matter what kind of practices it promises, no matter how hard and rigid is the mindset of the management in Wal-mart, it still manages and commands to be the best and the biggest Employer in the world?

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