Just read about a new Ad by Dabur in Pakistan.
The kind of Advertising that is allowed in Pakistan is different from that done in India. The Media there is controlled by the govt., and there are certain laws which one needs to abide. For example, two interesting ones that I came across are:
– All the ads must include Pakistani Models only, and no one outside Pakistan
– Indian movies cannot be aired in Pakistan, though VCDs are available.

Regarding this Dabur Ad, 2 issues could be raised – one, the models were NRI models, and two, the shooting was done at Dubai, and portrayed Karachi, Lahore and Multan.
But, thanks to the latest friendship stunts, I mean efforts, taken by both the governments, this was sidelined and was accepted by the Pakistan authorities.
Should I say, they were preoccupied with putting on the smiles in front of the Indian media, or the euphoria after the 4-2 series win over India, gave them a one-up Phillip that saved Dabur and of course, Prahlad Kakkar 🙂

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