Ad-check on the current ads catering to the soft-drink market, specific to carbonated drinks segment.
Just for the accounts, Total Soft Drinks market – Rs. 5000 Crore.
Out of this market, Lime-lemon category constitutes almost 30 per cent.
Pepsi launched “khoofiya” campaign with Saif, followed by Coca-cola‘s Thanda Aish-cash offer..This triggered the oye-bubbly mega campaign by Pepsi, the multi-mega starrer “Oye Bubbly” Campaign.
Could Coke stay behind? Enter – the trumph card for Coke – Aamir Khan, with yet another superb performance after the “thanda matlab coca cola” campaign, this time in a double take .. Manno Bhai.
Definitely an outstanding appealer with high brand recall value.
As for the others, Thums Up (Communicated as an outdoor brand, and associated with attitude) launched Akshay Kumar with Everest challenge, which was spoofed by Mountain Dew, with Mountain pe dew peetey hain style ( do they have a creative team??)

How can we forget the G-factor in the ads.. 7up leaves the drinkers slavering with Yana Gupta in the cool Kahengey ad, where as Limca preferred to play a subdued model – Deepika Padukone , reinforcing the fresh-ness and not the fresh-face! The Brand communication is of Freshness
‘The new tagline for Limca will be “Mazza Taazgi Ka”. “Since Andhra Pradesh is a very important market for us, we will be dubbing this commercial in AP’

Fanta took another line of thought with Rani Mukherjee talking about the curves and shape of the new Fanta bottle!
For the Smart Alecs, there is the Sprite Ad with the froggy princess on one hand, and the Mirinda ad featuring the protective bhai log running after the fanta crate…

P-ney ka?

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