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Since it is my first experience, am not sure how much I would be able to put into it, and how much execution would be realistically possible….
But then, Planning does not take these factors into account, does it ? ๐Ÿ˜‰
So, what all do I “plan” to publish here….
In one single word, it would be “Marketing” .. and in 3 words … “All about Marketing“….
All that I read up on Marketing, the latest updates, and of course, my hammer and saw on them … ๐Ÿ˜€
It might be a will-o-the-wisp if I plan to include everything under the sun related to Marketing… I have neither the patience to collect so much information, nor the interest to butt in everywhere and in every segment.
Of course, the C-factor, or the “curiosity factor” would act as an exception most of the times!
Specifically, few of my favorites would be:
– Retail Sector, including some of the Major International Retailers (do a search on Wal-mart on this blog after a few weeks, and you would realize that a fan has evolved in a true sense). Also, Indian Retailers have also been exciting lately. But in Retail too, Food and Apparels are my favorites.
– One step down – FMCG Sector, am not sure whether my future lies in this sector or not, but cant resist the 4-letter word everytime I read about it.
– Rural Marketing, and initiatives towards the same
– Specifics on Consumer Behavior – nopes, not the theory, that might come into play 3 months down the line, when I start nerding around in the corridors of FMS. But as of now, it would be centric towards the application part of it, and of course, my supernatural perspectives to it…- Advertisements, the likables and the dislikeables out of them.

Sources, would upload in some time, but am a regular on – Harvard Business Online, Knowledge@Warton, Brand Reporter, Agencyfaqs, Business Standard, Eco Times, Retail Forward, Wal-mart Blog, and Mckinsey Quarterlies…Once I streamline the blog, would structure the sourcing part of it also.

Thats about the overview bit, as far as plannnning is concerned. But what fascinates me is a little in-depth analysis and research on particulars of the data I read about. So, it would not be a culmination of different articles from different sites, but also, more personal aspect involved. I plan to personally inquire about the initiatives, the marketing strategies, and talk to people, who, of course, know much more than normal junta, of course.
I did start a little on it, went to Chaupal Sagar at Sehore, spoke to Air Deccan people, went to a few Retailers…..
But, now I have an incentive to publish my efforts, so the researcher in me, might just expedite the whole process in some time ….

Anyway, fundas, jargons and lingos, will catch up subsequently, as and when I start getting groomed into the lifestyles of the B-school cult, and perspectives similar to that of the budding global managers… 3 months down the line.

But no harm in already feeling like one, isnt it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?

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