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Time-management technique for Workaholics: Podcasts and Vodcasts

The latest edition of Harvard Business Review (June 2007) has a small note on how employees can leverage technology to learn and revisit their company details and how companies, in turn, can leverage the same technology for internal branding. The article, Employees get an Earful, by Anders Gronstedt, talks about how employees, particularly salesmen, can either listen to podcasts or watch vodcasts (video podcasts) to get latest updates on their company, just before their meetings…

Fond of collecting Shells? – Think about the snails first!

A powerful & provocative ad that reflects upon the condition of the refugees, who are forced out of their homes. According to Spluch, The United Nations refugee agency is running a provocative international advertising campaign that employs shock tactics to raise awareness about its work and drum up public support for those who have been forced to flee their homes. The pro bono TV campaign, launched in Canada earlier this month and also running in…

Long-term Marketing – Not a Quick Fix..

Found an interesting perspective on what should marketers looking for a long-term marketing career invest in, to ensure that their businesses are sustainable and successful. John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, recommends 3 imperatives for Long-term marketing – the 3 essential marketing practices required for producing results – the 3 Cs: Content, Connection and Community. Content – self-growth and increasing self-worth and market credibility. This could be done through blogs, white papers, workshops, articles,…

Geo TV (Pakistan): Innocence under fire!

Found this creative at Brand Synario – a Pakistan-based advertising website. I have rarely come across ads produced in that region, and this one gives a fine sample of the level of creativity presented there. A nice piece for Geo TV, “Innocence under fire!” or “Jeeyo or jeene do” campaign that summarizes the kind of news being produced in the region these days. Through this campaign, it attempts to send out a social message to…

In-store Marketing Tactics – Simulation for Consumers, Stimulation for Marketers..

With the changing behavior of the consumers, and newer channels evolving, companies are fighting for consumer mindspace. More than that, and a step before, in fact, is the battle for catching attention and a portion of the eye span of the consumers – of getting attention towards your products, out of the clutter of consumer goods shelved along with you! This is the reason most companies use tactical measures at the final touch point –…

Remember – You’re in charge..

Found a nice piece of Ad on this week’s Best Ads for Remember Credit Card. A nice creative, that connects to a unique subtle thought pattern of each one of us – the impulses within us that are beyond the zone of “Acceptability” and stay within our heads only! Picture this – (read it slowly)…“Its not just you – we all have the most bizarre thoughts and impulses constantly flowing through our heads that might…

Epica 2006 Gold: The Coke Side of Life

Last year, the agency won the Grand Prix at Cannes for their “Honda Grr” Commercial. This year, they have won the 2006 film Epica d’or Award, for their Coca-Cola “Happiness Factory” commercial. Wieden & Kennedy has sort of commanded the advertising through their innovative concepts, and creative animation. Though the diesel engines have been replaced with the Coke bottle this year, the entire advertisement has been conceptualized quite well, and engages the viewer in the…

The Economist: A mind expanding substance?

I had earlier posted a collated list of the Economist Ads that appeared around 18 months back. To add to that, found this interesting ambient piece (below) sometime back. Another Ad (right) won the Epica Silver last year in the print category. Wonderful concepts….takes a bit of thinking to understand, though 🙂[via Ads of the World and Epica Awards]

Procter & Gamble – From Conventional Media to “Targeted Scale”

A recent article in Adage, P&G Primes Its Pinpoint Marketing discusses how the world’s largest consumer goods marketer has plans to re-orient its marketing investments, and wants to move closer to the consumers through Relationship Marketing. In this article, Elva Lewis, Associate Director, P&G North America Corporate Marketing, provided some key insights into the marketing efforts planned by the world’s biggest advertiser next fiscal year. P&G attempts to move from traditional media to direct marketing,…

Air Pollution – the invisible Killer!

Thanks to Adcritic’s latest print issue, found a unique competition aimed at creating something for the environment – One Show College Competition, organized for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), announced its winners for 2007. The theme was “Another way to save the world” and asked the entrants to focus on global warming and clean energy; toxic chemicals and human health; and protection of the oceans. The Gold Pencil winner in the Innovative Marketing category…

Hubba Bubba (Australia) – For Blowers

Found these nice creative pieces at Ads of the world, for another offering from Wrigley’s – “Hubba Bubba” The tagline reads “For Blowers, Hubba Bubba”Made by Wrigley Jr. Company in 1979 in the US, Hubba Bubba has been positioned primarily as a bubble blowing gum. Since the gum was less sticky, these bubbles were easier to peel from the skin after they burst…a scientific explanation to the pranks intended indirectly hinted at.. As is evident,…

Emerging Media Trends – New World for the NewGen Consumers..

Greg Verdino predicts six trends in media that would dominate the media mix of companies in the near future… Greg recommends an understanding of these trends for all marketers, and believes that these opportunities would determine the manner in which “people consume media”.. These trends include lifeblogging and a much more integrated social network system, with the Gen X getting highly involved with the online space, and sharing perspectives, mobile marketing and moving content advertising/marketing…

Go-to-market ….with everyone and not just the top performers..

A recent article from Bain, published in Live mint, discusses the evolution of sales strategies and Sales force Management. The article, Bain Brains: How to enable your sales force to deliver more, reiterates the importance of instituting processes in the sales systems, and illustrates how companies have improved productivity by doing that.. “…(companies) are reinventing their go-to- market approaches by using data, analysis and systematic selling tools to increase the productivity of reps across the…

Mobile Marketing: Any pointers in the B2B Space?

Mobile Marketing is no longer an emerging concept. It is a buzz word being talked about with a bit of apprehension but a lot of enthusiasm. Every marketer would want to introduce the concept in his peer group, but from what I have read, it has still not been fitted into the marketing planner of companies. A recent article at Marketing Profs “Marketing Challenge: Is It Time to Move Into Mobile Marketing?” by Meryl K….

Viral Marketing is passé ….its time for Big-Seed Marketing!

First, the 4Ps were proved ineffective, and the 4As emerged. Then, ATL activities were replaced with BTL focused media houses. Brand elements changed and Experiential Marketing was the new way to market; Sensory branding became far more significant than before. Then, AIDA was proved ineffective and Engagement Marketing Emerged….now it is the turn of Viral Marketing….and Big Seed Marketing has emerged. Are the New world marketers reinventing the wheel, or is time to change the…

Book on Gaming Industry: Article on Advergaming…

Almost a year back, my article on Advergaming was published in the Advertising Express (June’06 Cover Story). The same article features in a new book on the Gaming Industry, published by ICFAI Press. The book covers the various aspects of the gaming industry and its emergence as a separate entity. It explores, through a compilation of articles, the external and internal factors towards the development of the industry. The overview on my article goes as……”Emerging…

Market the facts….rather than state them!

Sometime back I had talked about the signifance of Annual Reports and their emerging role in Branding for companies. A recent article by Rajeshwari Sharma, “Making a Statement” gives an insight into the policy framework and the specifics of Annual Report Designing. Design and Development of these tools has emerged as a separate function for some companies, and with the growing economy, it is imperative to have a tool which articulates this growth as well….

Kleenex ain’t “clean” after all…says Greenpeace

Social Campaigns and protests might not give a comfortable feeling around, considering that in India, it is reserved for people who dont have much work. More so, the effectiveness of such initiatives is always a question. Therefore, the protests or NGOs instigating such reactions are termed as inconsequential and not really appreciated around, by the common people. However, have a look at a recent campaign successfully closed by Greenpeace activists at Times Square, where Kleenex…

PI Worldwide – Are Head counts and High Potential Enough?

Found a nice piece of ad in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. Following the lead, these 2 ads are featured as posters at the website of PI Worldwide. A nice analogy to present and market the need of a behavioral Assessment tool – tools that are required to improve performance and productivity of human assets. Human resources cannot be taken as commodities, and there is a concerted subjective assessment required to make the…

Rural China: An innovative mechanism to increase consumer spending

China is there in almost every 2nd line of news pieces when it comes to global businesses. Rightly so, with a growing middle class, rising income levels, low costs of production and more than 10% annual growth – the package would lure any investor today. Lately, this attention is being focused on the emerging China, where more than three-quarters of a billion people reside. A recent article published at Mckinsey Quarterly recommends an innovative way…

A waste of a brilliant effort…Samsung Electronics

Found this brilliant piece of work from Martina’s Blog This is one from Samsung, rather for Samsung, and emphasizes the compactness and sleakness of their models. The video, shot through microscopic lenses, and titled “Millimetres matter“, does put the point across quite effectively. However, the sad part is, it is not integrated with an online presence, to follow up or leverage the awe created by the ad. Martina has put across the points quite well…

Social marketing for Gen Y: Aids awareness at “Condom Bar”

Talk about India in today’s global economy, and almost every conversation would begin with “India is doing well”….well, it is definitely booming, and with an economy growing at more than 9.2%, it isn’t much of a surprise to hear this…in a number of sectors, India is ahead of other countries. However, there are certain other areas as well where India is ahead of other nations, but this lead is not something to really boast about…

Happydent “Be the Light” Campaign and Advergames by Perfetti van Melle

Lately, the Television ads of Perfetti’s Happydent have always been below expectations, and have had limited appeal in terms of humor levels – the connect does not happen and recall levels generally are abysmally low. However, this particular campaign, doing the rounds in the online space as “Be the Light” for the Indian markets has definitely outperformed the rest, and definitely scores high in terms of humor and creativity. Initially, most of the situations and…


I spoke about Advertisers and the level of creativity they demonstrated. Well, maybe, one cannot generalize this for the industry per se, since there are some works that get redundant and duplicated with time. On one hand you have the campaign of Sherwin Williams, and on the other you have a similar, but “Indianized” version of the campaign for Nerolac – the young couple is replaced with an old man…abiding by the “moral” code that…

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