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Guerilla Marketing – Latest Campaigns using Ambient Media

It is not uncommon for budding prospective Marketers to use jargon before they use marketing. Since I am a potential candidate for the above consideration set, I found it pertinent to get some clarity on the terminologies and their application. Found some really nice Guerillas at the ad blogs I frequently visit – Coloribus and Twenty Four. Before I talk/put those campaigns, let me attempt to talk a bit about the concept per se. Guerilla…

What’s in a Family Name? (China)

Entries have been pending for a long time now. Found some interesting things happening around the world lately, but could not post them earlier. Would be blogging them soon. For now, its something interesting about one of most exciting markets – China.A recent survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences published some notable facts about the Chinese Family Names in China. According to the report* (as covered in China Daily), There are 4,100 family…

Design Barcode – a new Media Channel in Japan

Barcodes have turned into another channel for communicating to the consumers. The company, Design Barcode, based out of Tokyo, Japan, transformed the inanimate barcodes into designs that reflected the product category and redefined the way barcodes are printed on packages. Starting with a book containing various designs, the firm sold the idea to various organizations to begin with. Gradually, with contracts coming in, it built credibility, along with visibility in the market. Publicity came through…

Brand Lalu: A Tastemaker for Rural Marketing in Bihar (India)

Rural Marketing is not all about low price points and PR building. Marketers in Bihar have found a new way of selling goods in the market – Tag them with the “Lalu Brand”.Though Brand Lalu has been famous for more than a few reasons, very few marketers have been able to cash in on it on a sustainable basis. Products ranging from Toys to TV Serials, from toffees to dating sites, from movies to a…

Ketchup Sachet (New Zealand) – Campaign against Landmines

Another piece from Cannes Lions 2006 – this time in the Press Category An insert in the “Fundraising & Appeals” category hits hard on your face through the message it communicates – the impact of Landmines on common man. What is creative about the campaign is the manner in which the message is communicated – using Ketchup as the medium to resemble blood and the sachets used to squeeze it out of the pack. Titled…

Ariston Aqualtis (Italy) – Cannes Gold 2006 for Film Category

It might be more than a month since the Cannes Lions 2006 Awards have been announced, but could not stop myself from mentioning some of the best pieces out of the winners of this year. This Television commercial from Italy features Ariston’s Aqualtis Washing Machine in a totally unexpected creative manner. The creative, titled “Underwater World” (or “Il mondo sommerso” as its called in Italian) imagines the washing machine as an aquatic world and translates…

Smart Eggs (Britain)– I’ll tell you when I get boiled up!

I had spoken about Eggvertising a couple of months back, and am back with the eggs again.Eggs aren’t my favorite blogging topic, but when they are given much more attention than “eggs” are supposed to be given, you really cannot avoid it, can you? It seems quite funny when you read about an entire nation admitting that it cannot boil an egg – to what degree, how much and for how long…! And yes, it…

Sunset Strip/Times Square Billboard Awards..

Another set of “Best Billboards” have been announced – this time as part of the 7th Annual Sunset Strip/Times Square Billboard Awards , with the creative professionals in outdoor advertising being recognized for their outstanding work. Held at West Hollywood on the 28th July, the awards were given by the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber had established the Sunset Strip/Times Square Billboard Awards to honor creative excellence and artistic achievement in outdoor advertising…

Amul Butter – Repackaging Initiative with Service Motive

Almost a year back, I had discussed about the Amul Moppet and its brand history in India.Incidentally, little has changed since then. The marketing efforts of the cooperative are still commendable, considering the level of consistency and innovation it has demonstrated over the past 40 years. Its latest initiative includes repackaging its core product to capture an altogether new channel, and command its position in a promising network, which is yet to be fully explored…

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