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Chill out… ‘Juicy’ Wars Ahead!

Talking of Warfare, marketers in India are predicting that the price wars would move from the cola battlefield to another one …the Battlefield of Fruit and Fruit-based juices – a nascent market which is emerging as one of the most promising markets of the country, and an equally challenging one..!! Have talked a lot about health-conscious Indian consumers and marketable elements for them; right from Fitness centers to fairness creams, from Skin healers to healthy…

Marketing Strategy – The “Hannibal” Way

Wayne E Pollard, at CMO Magazine, has wonderfully articulated the learnings for Marketers from the chapters of history – from the strategies and planning of Military leader Hannibal Barca, when he attacked Rome between 218 B.C. and 202 B.C.Though I am not in complete agreement with relating new markets to Battlefields, and marketing as “attacking” and “warfare”, one can still identify the key elements of strategizing to be kept in mind, while venturing into a…

Folger’s Coffee, Manhole Covers and New York..

Folger’s coffee has another medium of advertising in New York City – Manholes!Printed on Vinyl and steam coming out of it, the tagline reads “Hey the City never Sleeps. Wake up”[via Coloribus] A nice comment was given by David Kiley in “Brand New Day” blog of Businessweek.He has commented on the display with a realistic perspective of the “manhole cover” – though the picture hits the taste buds sensing a hot cup of steaming soothing…

“Heavy Weight” Billboards….Literally!

I had earlier spoken about Fitness centres using innovative application of traditional media – Billboards. That time, it was about Silberman Fitness Centre. Have a look at 2 more billboards, reinforcing the flexibility this medium offers. Great creatives indeed. (Thanks to Ilya – Billboardroom!) What is the key to marketing this service of Fitness and weight control? In both the billboards, attention is grabbed by building around the same concept – a fat man deforming…

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