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Anti-Smoking Campaigns – me too …

I have been discussing Smoking and cigarettes quite a bit (2 entries to be precise). I had earlier talked about Jim’s Burnt Offerings and then, a couple of days back, I discussed Chicago’s Smokers’ Lounge. In order to prevent any conscious and sub-conscious criticism, I decided to absolve this blog of any promotional intentions for smoking…Here are some good campaigns I have collated from various sources, all underlying the theme of “Anti-smoking”…Have a look..(Click to…

C2C Communication – Why Consumers get into Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

An insightful research paper by Dr Andrea Wojnicki, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Rotman School of Management, talks about the reasons behind consumer-to-consumer communication, or what is popularly known as “Word of Mouth” Marketing. What makes Marketers so confident of this mode of advertising that they actually PLAN for such activities? Does the consumer consciously participate in this marketing activity? How can we find out the consumer psyche behind this complete exercise? If there is…

Ads – in, for and of Public Interest

EPICA-Awards hosts some of the best ads globally. I had earlier talked about Gandhi Ads (Telecom) and then Les Echos(Media). This time, I found some really fine pieces of Ads – the best of the Finalists in the Epica Awards 2004 under the Public Interest Category. Here are my favorite 3 from the film sub-category – [Click each of them to view the Ads] [1]The first one is for the Home for the Blind, Zurich….

Rural Markets – High Tech Mandis

If you think Rural Markets is all about painted buffaloes and uninformed and uneducated farmers, think again. Read this article and you could ask this again to yourself … :-). Before I move further, Mandis are large agricultural produce markets that trade grains, fruits, vegetables and the rest of the produce with the farmers and act as intermediaries between the industry and the farmers. They act as a central hub and a router between farms…

Niche Marketing – Smokers’ Lounge

A few months back, I had mentioned a unique collection of cigarette packaging on Jim’s Burnt Offerings. That was the product side of the “Smoking” market. Let me talk about a new concept introduced in the service side of this market. In Chicago, R. J. Reynolds, the 2nd largest tobacco company in the United States, has introduced a new premium-priced line of smokes called Marshall McGearty as an upscale smoking lounge in trendy market areas….

Comparitive Advertising – Reverse Effects..

According to a research conducted by Itamar Simonson, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, a couple of months ago, giving explicit options of comparisons could have a reverse effect on the consumer perception of the products and offerings. Simply put, if you ask the consumer to compare your brand with another competitor in the market, over any parameters (say, price, application, etc.), it could lead to negative outcomes in the purchase pattern…

Rejoice – A Giant Comb for Tangled Hair

An excellent ambient piece by Leo Burnett, Bangkok on Rejoice Conditioners. The message on the comb, as shown, reads – Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioner. The creative of the Ad – Rejoice Giant Comb. “To innovatively highlight Rejoice Conditioners as the solution for tangled hair, this ambient piece was placed amongst the many utility cables strewn throughout Bangkok’s Central Business District.” According to Arvind, the idea is done by Somak Chaudhury – an art director…

Sales sans Marketing – Rural India

This entry was triggered by a session yesterday in the Marketing class on Innovative uses in the Rural Markets. On closer research, I did find some really surprising, yet interesting innovations that Rural India has been using – Buffaloes displayed at the haats for sale are dyed an immaculate black with Godrej hair dye. Horlicks is used as a health beverage to fatten up cattle in Bihar. In parts of Northern India, condoms are used…

Save a Life if you can’t Save the World..

Another Blood Donation Campaign? Yes it is. But this one is different. No, it still tells you to donate blood, but in a slightly different manner. A joint campaign by American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers, The Advertising Council and Advancing Transfusion and Cellular Therapies Worldwide, the campaign talks about the easiness in saving a life and the difficulties in saving the world… The campaign reads… “For rallying against polluters to lobbying for better healthcare…

Cell Catch Bracelets – Special Items for Special Occasions!

Customized products for Valentine’s Day have already started floating in the market. And this is one occasion, where the price tag is often ignored, at least when it comes to butterflying. So, for those who are looking for pertinent offerings, here is one such Valentines Special product – Cell Catch Bracelets. Offered at, CellCatch bracelets offer a support system for hanging your cell phones to your bracelets. The bracelets are absolutely unique, are made…

Re-branding Initiatives – Worldspace

Loads of re-branding has been happening in India. After Indian Airlines and Hutch rebranding, it is now Worldspace which has changed its logo and added a tagline to “truly represent” its brand identity in the Global markets. According to a press release on 6th January’06, Worldspace, one of the world leaders in satellite-based digital radio services, introduced its new identity and tagline “Turn on your World”. These elements, according to the release, reflect the company’s…

Rice Burgers from McDonald’s – Glocal Initiatives!

Intense competition between fast-food outlets worldwide prompted McDonald’s to shift away from a standardized menu and turn instead to more localized menus. That is why McDonald’s has made a conscious and aggressive attempt to offer localized products to its consumers. Be It rice triangle wraps in China or McAloo Tikki in India, products are launched to suit the local flavors and tastes. In India, due to religious sentiments, mutton replaced beef, and more stress was…

10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint Presentation: Guy Kawasaki

The latest entry into the Blog world is the famous venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. In his “Let the Good Times Roll” Blog, which was started almost a week back (but already has 469 links to it), Kawasaki presents his perspective and thoughts, based on his vast experience and exposure. He talks about Venture Capital – the rights and the wrongs, he talks about entrepreneurship – the highs and the lows, he talks about business –…

Starbucks vs Xingbake: IPR Protection in China

Its hit almost every newspaper by now. – Starbucks* won the case and Shanghai based Xingbake Coffee Co Ltd has to pay the punitive damages amounting to $62,500 or 500,000 yuan or Rs. 27.88 Lakhs!Reason?According to China Daily , “One of the shops of the local company in the city’s downtown Nanjing Road has a design similar to that of Starbucks: a round logo with green characters against white background Chinese characters reading “Xing Ba…

Tips for Advertising – Literally!

I really admire people who have a passion for Advertising. But it is a different thing to be obsessed with it! With the advent of technology, marketers are exploring new avenues and areas for enhancing visibility. Never knew there will be another P added to Advertising … nail P-olishing! Women (and maybe men too) can wear brands on their fingernails now and endorse them in public domain. With the latest digital imaging technology, logos can…

100 P-osts..

This is my 100th post on Read between the Ps.For many bloggers, 100 posts is nothing. For others, it might still be nothing… The pic here shows kids celebrating their 100th day of kindergarten school. I indeed have completed 100 days of my kindergarten school. It has been a great learning throughout and I must admit – Working on each of the entries has been quite an experience! Hope to continue reading between the Ps…

Rocombe, Bristol: Ice-creams matching your Character

Ever thought of personifying an ice-cream? Did someone ever ask you …if you were an Ice-cream, what would be your flavor? Bristol-based Rocombe Fresh Ice cream Ltd attempts to get the answers for you, through their exquisite offerings and flavors. Targeting the luxury segment and tagging their supplies as “curiously scarce and slightly subversive in nature”, each flavor is customized for a specific persona and promise to “impart a variety of subtle and intense flavour…

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