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Billboard Advertising – Kitkat & Silberman Fitness

Have been browsing through a lot of Billboards today. This one is for KitKat and once again, wonderfully presented. Not sure of the location or the agency, except that it has reached here via Billboardroom and was originally sourced from Creative Criminal. Talk about execution and this one for Silberman Fitness Center caught my attention instantly. Once again, full credits to Billboardroom for posting this entry. What an excellent utilization of the Banner space!This is…

Y+ Yoga centre: Backflip

Leoburnett has developed some special unconventional pieces of Advertising for Y+ Yoga centre. There are two creatives specifically:(1)In the Billboard category, the campaign demonstrates flexibility with the help of posters. The instructors are shown on the posters and it seems that they are performing yoga, as both sides of the poster has their photographs. Take a look! These are the back and the front sides of the posters, respectively. Below them is the display of…

Outdoor India: Child Labour

McCann Erickson has made an excellent creative for Heal Foundation of India on “Child Labour”.Have a look! [via Billboardroom] The poster reads “12 million labourers in India can’t paste a poster this high”.It always feels nice to appreciate creativity in your own country. This Ad was awarded a Gold World Medal in the New York Festivals in the “Outdoor/Transit/Posters: Public Service Advertising” Category. Great work Mr Prasoon!

City Branding in India …Another Hotlanta in the making?

Laura Ries has presented an interesting perspective on the tagging of Atlanta as “Every Day is an Opening Day”. Though the news is almost a month old, considering the kind of attention tourism has attracted, this concept of City Branding could be pertinent to Branding in the sub-continent too. First things first. An article featured last month in the Economic Times on Atlanta’s new slogan. It is not uncommon to brand cities in the United…

Rural India: Vegetable vendors selling CDMA..

Business Standard featured an article on CDMA handsets being sold through vegetable vendors in Rural India. In “CDMA majors draw up big rural push“, the penetration strategies of the CDMA-based telephony operators – Reliance Infocomm and Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTSL) – has been highlighted. Reliance Infocomm is planning to sell its products and services through vegetable and grain mandis, cable operators and farm product vendors, like irrigation pumps and tractor dealers. “We are looking at…

Tsunamika – The child of Tsunami

Tomorrow would be the completion of one full year of the biggest disaster to hit South Asia – Tsunami. Exactly one year before more than 11000 people had died in this disaster in India itself. Villages had been shattered; families swept away, cattle drowned….It was the worse of the worst times for the entire nation. Move one year forward and here we are. Things have moved forward, villages have progressed and people have moved ahead….thanks…

Connections Theory in Media Planning (TBWA India)

You have thought of a brilliant idea and a cracker of a concept and you know it will make a difference! The problem is …who do you want the idea to reach? How will the idea reach? Will a radio jingle work or a billboard? A print campaign or a primetime television Ad? Would it be well taken by the consumer? How do you know if your idea has reached where it was intended to…

Economic Times – The “power of Knowledge” Campaign

This campaign for Economic Times is almost one-and-half years old. But the idea is still striking enough to be mentioned here. Enterprise Nexus designed a set of visuals with the baseline “The power of knowledge”.According to a review of the Ad in the May’04 edition of Times photo journal, the Cat and Dog photograph is real and is not a Photoshop product! Though “the cat was able to perform at will, staring into the eyes…

ITC Hotels – Mona Lisa recreated

A new campaign by ITC Hotels entails a creative on Mona Lisa. Advertised under the theme “Experience the world with an Indian soul”, this creative has been done by JWT and was launched to highlight the culture of India and ITC as the representative of that culture.According to Express Hospitality, the Ads are a “visual representation of the fusion of the rich Indian culture and heritage and world class standards in the context of hospitality”…

FedEx – Relax I will Manage!

A recent viral campaign by FedEx has been launched in Europe, key Middle East markets and India. [source: Adverblog]Titled “Relax I will Manage”, the campaign comprises five videos targeting different target segments/demographies in each of the videos. Highlighting different situations in the corporate world, the creatives end with the solution provider as FedEx – “FedEx Express. All you need to know in shipping to Asia”, “So easy to ship internationally. Practically, anyone can do it”,…

Levi’s India (Red Loop): U in the Loop?

Having talked about Levi’s Europe and Levi’s US, next in the series is my very own country – Levi’s India. A new campaign launched by Levi Strauss & Co. – Red Loop uses some specific tactical measures to attract ‘attention’. What remains to be seen is if this attention can be translated into conversion or not. Red Loop campaign has been conceptualized by JWT, Bangalore, and has been shot by Colston Julian. The models have…

Creative Criminal…Indian Advertising

Hit upon an Indian advertising blog “How Advertising Spoiled Me” by Arvind R from Chennai. The Blog has an excellent collection of print and video campaigns, some of which are creative works of Indian agencies.Two specific entries that I really loved were the Save Trees with the tagline “Save Trees. Trees Save” and Education ads that says “45% of India’s Adult population still needs guidance. Each one. Teach one.” Incidentally, both the ads are a…

Welcome to the Coke Side of Life

Coca-Cola Company recently launched its global advertising campaign with the theme “Welcome to the Coke side of life”, according to BBC [via Adage]. Though the primary aim at a macro level is to boost the growth of its core brands and in turn capture a larger market share, at a micro level the campaign would focus on building loyal customers. The objective is to drive consumers to consider the brand as the ‘only beverage option…

Gender Gap – Women in IT

In an article in Information week, which was subsequently covered by American Marketing Association, the gender gap in the IT sector has been discussed. According the Information Technology Association of America, Men outnumber women in IT by a ratio of 4-to-1 and there are 18.5% fewer women in tech jobs today than eight years ago. Though the article talks about the various associations and initiatives being taken to resolve this gap, the reason I picked…

New celebrity …Ronald McDonald!

In some countries McDonalds is considered to be the scapegoat for few xenophobic morons. But in the saner part of the world, Mcdonalds has become synonymous with the entire Fast-food Category. And what else can one say for a group which boasts of “30,000 restaurants in more than 119 countries, serving around 50 million people everyday” . In India, Mcdonalds started their operations in 1996. It was also the first restaurant in the world not…

The 21st century Indian Consumer..

In the 2nd December Issue of Business Standard, Columnist Madhukar Sabnavis, Board Partner-Discovery and Strategy, O&M India, talks about “Trends in macro consumer behaviour” in India [In case this link does not stay permanent, you can try Agency FAQs] . Apart from the regular pointers on the reorientation of the Indian consumer as compared to pre-liberalization era, Madhukar predicts four macro-behavioral trends emerging, which marketers today can leverage – Multiple Entry points – This is…

Levi’s US – “The Original Levi’s”

I had discussed the kind of advertising that Levi’s is doing in Europe, and was planning to compare it with the US advertising. Here is the Original Levi’s Ad screened across the United States and Canada Brief – A guy is working on his levi’s, and makes it rugged and natural, using different tools at his place. Just looks natural, probably like his own! Once he gets the piece, he goes to his girlfriend, and…

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