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Smokies…from Jim’s Burnt Offerings

Got my Summers at ITC. First perception of the company? Cigarettes, of course. Since the beginning of my reading on Marketing, I have always associated “Smoking” with ITC …until.. I visited Jim’s Burnt Offerings. A unique collection of Cigarette covers, Advertisements, packets and covers, this website entails an “awe” for the passion that the author has, for cigarettes. Jim has been compiling the photographs since Jan 1998, and his collection traces back to as early…

Gavin Heron – India vs China Advertising

The Latest episode of “All about Ads” at NDTV Profit featured an interview with Gavin Heron, CEO and MD, TBWA, China.Though he was interviewed on various aspects specific to the agency and the industry, but an interesting piece of the conversation included a comparison of the Indian Advertising Industry with the Chinese Advertising Industry. He emphasized on the following points – 1) Outdoor Advertising – Billboards in India promote offers and discounts, and are more…

Lewis Berger: “Paint your Imagination”

Looks familiar? Yup, it is Taj Mahal, our very own contribution to the “Wonders of the world“! And no, this is not yet another initiative of Mayawati on the Agra beauty, but a part of the latest campaign by Lewis Berger, renamed from Berger Paints. This Ad reflects the extent to which one can imagine, and subsequently painting the imagination with colors. Thus, reinforcing the tagline.. “Paint your Imagination“.Definitely, a colorful Taj Mahal gives a…

Aussie Flavors at Shoppers’ Stop – Diwali at Opera House?

An association with Tourism Australia has prompted Shoppers’ Stop to launch “Down Under Fest” – a promotional campaign to increase the purchases during the festive season.With a few selected Artists from Australia scheduled to be “available” at select Shoppers’ Stop outlets and special items being sold, like “Perth Mint Coins” and “memorabilia from Sir Don Bradman Museum”, giving a pure Australian Flavor. Just an afterthought: Is it promotion of Australia Tourism or is it a…

eBay “What is it?”

is a new invention. It is talk of the town. It is the thing that everyone everywhere is excited about. It is what makes you feel important. It is what you want to have. ….It is that and it is this. You can never stop talking about it….So WHAT IS IT? This new teaser viral campaign by eBay finally launched on the 20th of October with the answers Created by BBDO, the campaign covers different…

Powered by Decent Marketing!

It is always gratifying to be appreciated, especially when it comes from a person who knows his line pretty well.Katherine, of Decent Marketing has put a post on her blog on “Marketing in India – Read Between the Ps“, and has some nice words to say for my budding blog! Katherine is a former Director of Experiential Marketing at the Coca Cola Company and is on the Board of International Experiential Marketing Association. She is…

Hutch “I run. Time Flies”

Delhi is buzzed with the Hutch Half Marathon, which is due in less than a week from now. But, much before that Hutch has started milking the cow.Saw this billboard from Hutch on my way back home to NOIDA! This is not a normal billboard, with an extra-large font size to enhance readability. There is a man, on a jogger, who keeps on running next to the hoarding. In the photograph above, it is not…

Earthquake Marketing?

Well, the name does sound to be wierd, but when I went to the website by that name, they do offer some neat product. Considering the fact that a major part of North India, and Pakistan have met with a major tragedy, killing more than 3,000 people, and devastating the entire region, it does feel appalling sometimes, that no matter how much you rise in the Global Business, no matter how much strength the world…

Visa.. All It Takes (or It Takes All!)

It’s called the “Birds” commercial in the Business circle. The latest Ad from Visa, as part of it’s “All it takes” campaign, features Richard Gere in a Jodhpur, Rajasthan-based commercial. According to a press release by Visa South East Asia, it is currently being aired across countries in the Asia Pacific, and is considered to be “a blend of Hollywood and Bollywood” Though most of you would have seen the ad, just for the records,…


Ever since I have started looking at Ads, I have realized that they are so addictive, that you simply cannot resist admiring the kind of Innovation and creativity these Ads illustrate.I bumped into this Site Ad Awards, and noticed that the site contains nominations for the best Ads of September. Have a Look Though it contains 6 nominations, could not resist myself in linking to 4 of them specifically. The Movie Network Creative:…

Rexona Deodorant..

Whenever an Indian Ad figures in some international Site, I can’t resist myself in finding out more about it.This Ad is designed by Lowe,Mumbai, for Rexona Deodorant.Took this entry from “I have an Idea” via Frederiksammuel’s blog A compelling reason to perceive the message “People Move Away When you have Body Odour“. Generally, if one would have seen this message, the natural reaction is indifference, since we feel it does not relate to use. But…

Happy Birthday Gandhiji

If you are in India, chances are that you would see a lot of hoardings today, and a lot of fanatics shouting slogans for Gandhiji, pretending to be his followers for life, and following his principles. Don’t worry, they are just celebrating a birthday.. In the list of Holidays given, it is called “Gandhi Jayanti” – 136th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma GandhiIncidentally, very few of them realize that they have become the brand ambassadors of…

Advertising – Innovatio Supremo!

When I saw the inputs from India during CLIO Awards a couple of months back, there was comment by the organizer – “India holds a large potential market for Advertising, and we expect a lot of entries from this region pretty soon“.The reporter in “All about Ads” covering the Awards mentioned that “India lacked the innovation and creativity in comparison to other countries” and this argument was substantiated by Prasoon Joshi, who had attended the…

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