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The Sad, Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly

I Was browsing through the Advertisement Blogs – Ad Jab and Ad Rag, when suddenly a familiar face came up …an Indian face in an American Ad.. And guess what the product is for? Nintendo Video Games! The Latest Commercial from Nintendo is called “The Sad, Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly” and has been created by Leo Burnett, Chicago. According to the reports in Sun Times and, the 60-second commercial has been aired exclusively…

Directions for Wal-Mart: Enter India and then turn ‘Left’ !

Last I spoke about the giant was about its keen interest in IndiaThis time ….there is nothing different that I intend to cover, except probably a progress report.The Story is not new. There are NO twists, and the conclusion is predictable.The only thing no one knows and is still a BIG question …is when? And how? An article in the Business Standard yesterday (on the 25th of August’05) spoke about the future plans of Wal-Mart…

Personality Assessment – The 16PF Model

The worst and the riskiest part of any subject like Consumer Behavior / Human Behavior, or for that matter, Marketing is its subjectivity – Lack of an Objective Evaluation!Unless you have a rationale behind your statements, and objectivity behind your analysis, there is restricted receptivity from the audience, or more recently, it is considered to be “Gas” in modern times! One such model that gives an Objective Perspective to Personality Assessment is the 16PF model….

Stressful Sandwiches…

I had planned to first make an entry on Sensory Branding and the 16PFs first and then look at something else. But the moment I read an article in the Economic Times, dated 20th August 2005, couldn’t resist finding out more on it and typing it out here. The article talks about an altogether ignored segment, a segment which is nothing but a “side-effect” of the growing economy. Though the article talks about India particularly,…

The Generational Divide

A Concept that gets confusing sometimes. Here is something I would take as the benchmark from now on. These are the details collated from various sources, and something that is significant for most of the Marketers who base their strategies based on this generational divide. Following are the generations, based on their birth years as well Generation Birth Years Lost 1883-1900 GI 1901-1926 Silent 1927-1945 Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Gen X 1965-1981 Gen Y 1980-1999 Millenial…

FDI Confidence Index Rankings 2004

According to Business Standard (15th August’05), AT Kearney has come out with the rankings of 2004 for countries in terms of FDI preferences. The order goes like this –– China– US– India– UK– Germany– France– Australia– Hong Kong– Italy– Japan– RussiaThese FDI Confidence Index Rankings are based on an annual survey of CEOs, CFOs, and other top notch professionals in the Global top 1000 Companies, and is carried out by the Global Business Policy council…

|P+| ~ Issue*7

Happy Independence Day! It has been a long time since the last issue. I didn’t want to compromise on the questions, so did not post a few I had already in the kitty. Here is a fresh set of this week’s business dose. Should wet your appetite! Earlier he was a salesman for Aga cookers, today his guidelines are “The Golden Rules” of a particular industry. Who is he?(David Oglivy)In which US city do you…

Barriers to Creativity

A few days back, I had done a book review on “How to be creative” that covered the “attributes” of creativity – what essentially constitutes creativity, and how do rake the creative cells in us?Now that we have decided to be creative, there are definitely going to be roadblocks on the way.There could be tangible blocks in terms of constraints and restrictions in our lifestyle and the work cycle, or intangibles that block our subconscious…

Perspectives of a Passionate Marketer

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