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Brand-o-Mania – Top 100 Global Brands of 2004..

Interbrand and BusinessWeek recently published the Top 100 GLOBAL Brands – A list of the Best Brands in the world, in accordance with the value they promised in the markets. The Title is promising – “Here’s how we Calculate the power in a name“Though originally I had heard of the Michael Berkin’s Model of evaluating the Brand Value – which Currently Infosys and Coca-Cola are using, a similar method is used by Interbrand also. The…

|P+| ~ Issue*4

On time-this time… Weekly collection of 20 Brand Pills and a P-Ad Dose 🙂Here they are… This Brand was acquired by Morepen in 2001. It was originally a brand of Boots Company PLC. What is the name of the brand?(Burnol) This company is famous for training Marketers. Steve Case,Steve Ballmer,Meg Whitman,Scott Cook,Jeff Immelt – all have, at one time, worked in this FMCG. Which company am I talking about?(P&G) Rapidex English course were the first…

[MP] Click-Through Fraud

An interesting question came up on the Marketing Profs a few days back.What is Click-through Fraud, and what are the ways in which we can prevent it?A little research from my side did give an insight into the topic. Here is the thread. Category: Pay-per-click (PPC) AdvertisingClick-through Fraud is a major bottleneck in traffic Measurement on your website. The Search engines set up programs, or hire third-party vendors to automate clicks and surfing on your…

|P+| ~ Issue*3

Am 2 days late. Here are the 20 brand pills for this week: What concept evolved from a major embarrassment that Frank McNamara faced in a restaurant while entertaining his clients?(Diners Club Credit Cards) A by-product of World War II was the discovery of this soap-like product by a famous consumer goods company. The product, made from a soap-like molecule without the potentially irritating alkaline element, is a ph-neutral, mild cleansing product. This product was…

Serving more Ps ….

It increased from 4 to 5 initially, with an addition that Marketers identified with the Luxury Sector. There was one addition to the Traditional Set of Ps. Now, the “family” has grown to 8 here also!Reiterates the very basis of this blog – As long as Marketing Continues, there would continue an evolution to Extend …. The Bridge of Ps ! The 8 P’s of Marketing for the Hospitality and Travel Industry :– Product– Price–…

Financing More Ps in Micro-Finance

As I mentioned, how long can you keep on harping on the four Ps….Just read about the 8 Ps of Marketing in Micro FinancePrice – Quintessential parameter for this business. You need to decide the price points you can offer, and the corresponding tax rates. You would need to know the demand, and decide the profit/sustainability objective using strategies (like cost- based, cost-plus, demand-based and break- even). It looks at behavioural attitudes, perceived value, prestige…

Marketing Sherpa – Best Bloggers 2005!

Marketing Sherpa recently announced the Best Blogs in the field of marketing, advertising, and public relations for the year 2005.It is indeed an insight into the best in the industry, and their perspectives. The Results and the methodology is pretty transparent, wherein they have mentioned that 2065 votes were received.The blogs were selected out of 52 nominated Blogs.Here are the results: Click Here Most of these blogs are new for me, but a glance at…

Who Let the Blogs out?

Nothing could be more pertinent at this stage on the Amul Hits Page to my blog. The latest 2 Topicals are a portent to my Blog Entries :-D.Had Done a case Study on Low-Cost Airlines sometime back, and then after that, took up DaCunha for it’s Amul Campaign. Had mentioned there that I wanted something on Bunty and Bubbly from them. “Waiting for one on Bunty and Bubbly or “D”, if they don’t put it,…

[MP] Mechanical Educational Institute – Pune, India

Nice Problem – on Marketing Profs This one was interesting, not because of the problem that was on offer, but because the final outcome was incidentally the basis of my assumptions and opinion. The Questioner wanted to find out the techniques in which he could market an Engineering Institute, specialized in CAD/CAM, with the target segment as the students as well as the Working Managers, who wanted an insight into the subject. My take on…

|P+| ~ Issue*2

Next lot of my pick of some of the Interesting Brand Questions, compiled from various sources. In 2002, the US-based Bakery Manufacturers’ Association’s charts showed that this company G was rated as the largest selling glucose biscuit brand in the whole world in terms of volumes. Which Company is being referred?(The company is Parle G. The others – Oreo from Nabisco and McVities from UK-based United Biscuits)Which company, when associated with the popular TV Serial…

[MP] Indian Credit Card Industry – A Perspective

A question was asked a few days back on the Credit Card Industry in India, and how to market that in the Indian Markets. Based on the limited experience in the Credit Card Industry, following were some of the inputs I had to offer: My Response To study the Credit Card Industry in India, from my experience and perspective, you would need to tap the following resources and ideas: (a) There have been quite a…

|P+| ~ Issue*1

Starting today, every week, I plan to put up a new Pill for the Market-eaters, er, Marketers! The weekly dose of 20-25 questions should fill your apetite. They call it “Brand Equity” – I call it “P+”…. Weekly dose to energize and rejuvenate your Brand Genes! Collected from various sources, here is the first set presented to you of P+: Large quantities of Sunlight soap had begun to be manufactured at the original Levers soap…

“Topical” Iceberg…

Having spoken about the creator – the Ad Agency, and the Ramayana behind it, time to talk about the creativity – the Strategy behing the campaign! Time again, Amul has been cleped as a “Social Observer”, with the Friday-to-Friday star coming out with a verdict on the most talked about topic in the country, and of course, what it means to her in her own “priceless” world! (that’s where Amul is derived from – Amulya=priceless…

Amul moPPet ..driven for years…and years

A brand that has been discussed time and again, and has been talked about by more than 3 generations. A company that relies only on a single theme behind its advertisements, for 39 Years continuously? A Theme that has one of the highest brand recalls ever? An effort that has been internationally appreciated for its consistency, wits and innovation… A brand .. the utterly butterly delicious… which, in true sense, is an Adman’s creation! It…

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