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…Bottles’ necks : Juicy Losses..

Last part in this series. After bottlenecks in the Airline Industry, we have a different kind of bottlenecks in the Juice Industry. Following data is taken from different sources: Of course, the biggest P is omnipresent. No one likes to part with it too easily 😉 Price: Pricing is one of the major worries. Says Executive Director (New Business) at Pepsi Foods, Subroto Chattopadhyay, “Price is a barrier to this category because when you give…

Pulp Fiction ..

Having spoken about the Industry and it’s Avant Garde, there are others also, who are expanding the pie, and demarking particular dimensions from it Leh Berry Compact International promoter D. K. Mittal was to meet the Director of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) one fine morning in Ladakh in connection with a tender for setting up some shelters for army personnel. During the meeting, the Director offered Mittal a drink made of an…

Summer Sensation.. “P Lo!”

This one took a little longer to compile, than I anticipated. An Overview of the players in another exciting market – The Packaged fruit juice market in India Let me start with the specifics: Total Size: 182 Million Liters Juice Market, 19mn packaged. Annual Growth Rate: 40-50% Major Players: Dabur, Pepsi, Leh Berry, Mother Dairy Driving Forces: product innovation, expanding market and increased consumer preference for healthy foods Current Market: Rs 110-crore Future Projections: Expected…

Another A of Airlines ….its Achilles Heel !

Yes, the 5th A of Airlines Till now, I spoke about the Marketing Strategies and the cost-control measures adopted . But, all is not goodie goodie about this industry. There are certain soft points, weaknesses, and loopholes, that have not been addressed, or are a side-effect of the cost-control measures. Air Deccan, which is part of helicopter charter specialists Deccan Aviation, started it’s operations in 2003, with an initial effort to connect the non-metros over…

Costing (of the) Couch …

As the Virgin Group founder Richard Branson once famously said: “The safest way to become a millionaire is to start as a billionaire and invest in the airline industry.” In the previous post , I discussed what exactly is the business strategy of Air Deccan. One of them is to keep the costs low, and in turn, passing the savings to the customer. The biggest P of Marketing, Price, is in fact, the biggest driver…

Simply Fly?

Talk of Air Deccan to Rajeev Pratap Rudy and Venkaiah Naidu, and they would get terrorized recollecting Sep 26’03 Talk of Air Deccan to Capt Gorur Ramaswamy Gopinath, and he is full of enthusiasm and determination; Talk of Air Deccan to Vijay Mallya or Mr. Thulasidas, and he would scoff at the idea of Air Deccan reaching the top 3 in a couple of years; But then …talk to a common man, and you would…

Low-Cost Airlines – Look down, there goes the fare !

Plan to write a paper on the Low-cost airlines, provided I get a good mentor soon. The more I read about it, the more it interests me. Intend to cover the specifics of various airlines, the highs and lows, and the “Yes” and “No”s of this diverse Industry. Am not aware of the financials involved, so would need guidance on that too. As of now, this is what the Contents Table of the paper would…

Zee Network ..Neat work ?

Effective Mar 28, ’05 – Zee Network has had a makeover.. at least their logo has, if not the content. The letter ‘Z’ breaks out of the frame and is in the shape of a diamond. Zee Network has been through with this before, the makeover stuff. Mentions Brand Reporter – In August 2001, Zee TV had a new look, and in 2004, Zee Cinema’s logo was also changed. The re-branding initiative was taken for…

I am what I am !

Nopes, it is not a rigid male-chauvinistic I-care-balls-about-the-world kind of attitude reflection, but the latest global big-budget campaign launched by Reebok, alias Rbk, to communicate the attitude the brand reflects, and subsequently endorsed by the featured celebrities – that of an Assertive and confident individual, and their real life behind the cameras. Launched on 7th Feb’05 , the biggest campaign to be launched by Reebok, it signifies authenticity and individuality. Says the Chief Marketing Officer…

Namaste Wal-mart.. Retail Indian Inc.

As anticipated, when there is so much activity going on in the biggest retail market in the world, how can the champion stay behind? As soon as the proposal of opening FDI in Retail has taken weight, the president of Wal-mart is planning on an Indian visit soon. A few days back, Wal-mart had spoken to the major FMCG firms sourcing to the retailers in India. Speaking of the Indian Retail industry, a latest whitepaper…


A nice article came in March on branding at It emphasizes on the significance and relevance of branding in the market. “Branding is about making your product or service known to as many potential customers as possible, consistently, with the most effective use of your time and money. Branding is about repeat business. Branding is about effortless referrals. “ A set of questions need to be asked, to introspect your brand strength and worthiness,…

Happy Wal-Marther’s day….

Long time since I posted something. Had planned to update the blog after completing INS 23, but somehow, couldn’t fish out time to post. Or maybe, the paucity of resources could also be one of the major reasons ;-). Net blocked on my terminal… so no more R&D at speedy leisure ! :-/ Anyway, plan to cover a few important areas I had thought of. To start with, a little update on… the Big wee…

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